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January 27, 2023

Traian Basescu, message to the voters: You have always proved that you know to choose what is best for the country

The leader of the People’s Movement Party (PMP) Traian Basescu addressed the voters on Tuesday through an open letter, telling them that their vote may be a huge opportunity for Romania’s future and that he counts on them, because they have always proved that they know to choose what is best for the country.

“Dear Romanians, seven years ago I was addressing you as the head of state, as well as a candidate for the Romanian Presidency, asking and urging you to express yourself in order to reduce the number of parliamentarians to a maximum of 300, in the National Referendum held simultaneously with the first round of the presidential elections”, Basescu states.

He says that maybe some people have voted him for a new presidential term, but whatever the option for one candidate or another was, most of them have voted for a reduced Parliament, for a more efficient and transparent Parliament which should make good laws for the people.

“Together, we have won this battle then. But not the war. Because the people’s will, validated by the Constitutional Court of Romania, continues to be ignored event today by all those who have the necessary levers to turn it into reality. Our battle to reduce the number of parliamentarians to a maximum of 300 continues”, mentions Traian Basescu, according to News.ro.

The PMP leader claims that, over the time, together with the Romanians, he obtained important victories for strengthening the rule of law, for the triumph of the reform in justice and of the start of the anticorruption fight.

“Years of disputes, of turmoil, but also of victories. Only together we have succeeded to place Romania on the way of modernization and necessary reforms for the country’s development. Maybe there were some moments when I disappointed you. Maybe the hard decisions that I had to take in specific crucial situations for our country affected some of you. I understand your anger and I want to tell you that, as a President, I’ve tried to do my best for Romanians and their families to be the least affected by the effects of the global economic crisis that hit Romania, too”, continues Basescu.

Traian Basescu states that he is a very experienced politician, he knows very well the laws and state institutions, the way they work, and especially which are the levers and the mechanisms through which they could be made to serve people.

“I care about Romania and I want to do all my best to reestablish the Country’s rights. I still have an energy that makes me confident that I can serve my country further, that’s why I’ve decided to enter a new battle, at the end of which I will be in the position to represent you as a Senator in the Romanian Parliament”, Basescu also says.

He mentions that, together with the People’s Movement Party, a new party, but a full member in the great family of the European People’s Party, “a party with professional people, recommended by their qualification and political and administrative experience”, he fights for the Health Law – which will radically change the current uncompetitive system, for the Education Law – which will stop the plagiarism network, also introducing an appropriate curriculum for the labor market’s requirements, for the support of the birth rate – by increasing the number of nurseries and kindergartens, for a performant agriculture and a healthy environment – by developing massive reforestation programs, for a strong Romania, capable to provide everybody with the possibility to work and raise their children and grandchildren here.

Traian Basescu also claims that the European funds for Romania will be fully spent, in an efficient and transparent manner, for the good and welfare of all the Romanians.

PMP leader shows that the position of a head of state involves extremely long time to weigh and evaluate the decisions that you have to take in the name of the people you serve. He says that many times, time becomes the biggest enemy of the Presidents, and that sometimes unpredictable events constrain you to do mainly what you have to do, and less what you want or what you planned to do for your country.

“In all these years, I’ve earned to listen. That’s why I undertake the commitment to periodically consult you on the projects that I am going to promote into the Parliament together with my colleagues from the People’s Movement Party. One of these projects is Romania’s Union with the Republic of Moldova”, Basescu states.

He says that, in the end of his second presidential term, he hoped to be able to transfer the huge experience he gained I the 24 years of political and administrative career from the outside of politics.

“I realized it’s impossible. That’s why, one of the main objectives I have for this Senator term is to prepare a generation of young people capable to build a fair and strong Romania, from inside the Parliament and People’s Movement Party. You have only one vote, but this vote can be a huge opportunity for Romania’s future. I count on you, my dear Romanians, who have always proved that you know to choose what is best for the country. I thank to all those who, after reading these lines, will remember at least one of the situations in which I fought for Romania! I know you are many, and I assure you of my entire consideration! See you at the polls, on December 11, 2016! So help us God!” Traian Basescu concludes.




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