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October 4, 2022

Victor Ponta: PSD is shyer, we like that PRU says what we think

Lower Chamber lawmaker Victor Ponta stated that he is “helping” PRU because its representatives “have lately started to say what PSD thinks but lacks the courage to say, being a shyer political party.”

MP Victor Ponta stated at a press conference in Nasaud, on Tuesday, that he did not give PRU his approval to use his image on electoral flyers, however he is helping the representatives of that political party.

“I did not agree with their use of my image, but I’m helping them out. Unlike Ciolos, who agreed but is not helping, I agreed but I’m helping PRU. I believe that if PRU enters Parliament they will support the PSD Government. You know why I’m helping? Because the members of PRU have lately started to say what we too are thinking but lack the courage to say. We too, the members of PSD, think roughly the same about the fact that we want to rule our country ourselves, someone from Brussels should no longer tell us all the time what [to do] and how, but we don’t have the courage to say it. PSD is shyer and so we like that PRU says what we think but don’t have the courage to say,” Victor Ponta said.

He called on voters “not to mind the two electoral flyers, not PRU’s flyer and not PNL’s flyer.”

“We are living in a strange country. (…) PRU nominates me as Premier, I’m voting for PSD. PNL nominates Ciolos, Ciolos would like Dancu, Dancu [would like] PSD and we keep switching around,” Ponta said.

Former PSD member Sebastian Ghita, currently running on PRU’s list, has stated that his party backs an amnesty for criminal offences.

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