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September 27, 2020

Foreign-based Romanians send 4,561 mail-in votes; Spain on top position

A total of 4,561 foreign-based Romanians voted by mail out of a total of 8,889 Romanian citizens entered in the dedicated Electronic Roll.

The Romanian Post Company announced in a Friday release having transferred to the Vote-by-Mail Electoral Bureau 4,561 envelopes with the ballots cast by foreign-based citizens who had registered with the Electronic Roll and who had sent in their votes by December 8, 2016 at midnight; most votes came from Spain (714), followed by Germany (533), UK (515), France (469) and the Republic of Moldova (414).

“In precise numbers, the preparation and unfolding, between October 28, 2016 – December 8, 2016 at midnight, of the vote by mail process falling under the competence of the Romanian Post Company looks like this: postal dispatch of the documents necessary for voting by mail to all 8,889 Romanian citizens entered in the Electronic Roll, in 55 countries; nine airlines and 56 mail operators were involved in the foreign distribution of the ballot papers; the hand-over to the Vote-by-Mail Electoral Bureau of 4,561 envelopes with the ballots of the foreign-based citizens entered in the Electronic Roll; the process ended on December 8, 2016, at midnight,” the release said.

Most vote-by-mail postal dispatches with the necessary documents were for Spain (2,794), Italy (1,228), the Republic of Moldova (880), Germany (618) and the UK (594).

On October 11 the Romanian Post notified the voters who had opted for voting by mail and had also registered with the Electoral Roll that they would receive (with mailing receipt) the following documents: a self-addressed outer envelope, an inner envelope, a sticker with the specification ‘voted’, the voter certificate, a vote-by-mail ballot paper and the instructions on how to vote.

The Romanian Post Company was designated to contribute to the correct unfolding of the vote by mail in the 2016 parliamentary election by organizing all the required postal service operations under observance of Law No. 288/2015 on voting by mail.

“The parliamentary election of December 11, 2016 shall be organized and carried out according to new regulations and procedures intended to facilitate the exercise of the voting right. For the first time, in this poll enfranchised citizens could opt for voting by mail,” the release said.

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