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July 31, 2021

PM Ciolos, on taking over PNL after elections: I considered it, but haven’t made a decision

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said on Thursday evening that he considered taking over the National Liberal Party (PNL) after the elections, but he hasn’t made a decision in this respect, insisting on the fact that to him right now it is important to be able to make up a parliamentary majority.

Asked on Realitatea TV private television broadcaster if he will take over the PNL after the Sunday elections, Ciolos pointed out he hasn’t made a decision yet. “I don’t believe that this is the most important thing. I considered it, but haven’t made a decision. Right now to me it is important to be able to make up a majority together with the PNL and the USR [Save Romania Union] for us to be able to govern and for the things that we have been talking about this year and that we said we couldn’t do because we lacked a political majority (…), I am ready to assume those things in the next years, but I need a political majority for that,” he said.

The Prime Minister admitted he initially hesitated because he felt that he does not belong to politics, however he realized on the way that without a political majority he could not do “consistent reforms.”

“That is why, in spite of all the hesitations I had in the beginning, hesitations because I didn’t feel that I belong to politics and this is why I entered governance at the president’s proposal with certain hesitations, but I said ‘let me assume an independent government,’ however I understood that certain consistent reforms cannot be done without a political majority. Yes, I need a political majority, an honest one and functioning according to the same principles I have. Even if things aren’t probably perfect in the PNL either, there still are some changes that have begun. (…) I am not satisfied either or I don’t think enough has been done for even the PNL to be reformed. A few steps have been made. But I start from the confidence credit that if we go together more steps will be made,” Dacian Ciolos also said.


Statements made by Hungary’s PM Orban are “ungraceful and inappropriate”


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos stated on Thursday evening that the statements made in Satu Mare by Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban are “ungraceful and inappropriate.”

When asked on Realtitatea TV private television station how he labels the statements made by Viktor Orban in Satu Mare, Prime Minister Ciolos responded as follows: “First of all, the statements seem ungraceful and out of place. I can understand that Prime Minister Orban is here to help us so that people will go out and vote, and, anyway, it’s a good thing. But from here to coming up with such statements, in which you leave the impression of an ethnic tension climate in Romania or in that certain area, it seems to me a little bit too much and I believe this type of attitudes are inappropriate.”

Furthermore, Prime Minister Ciolos brought to mind that the Government adopted on Thursday a resolution regarding the termination of Marossy Zoltan Gheorghe’s tenure in the public service as Sub-Prefect of Timis County.

When asked why he dismissed the Sub-Prefect of Timis County, Ciolos said that Marossy Zoltan Gheorghe “started to comment on the Constitution.”

“The Sub-Prefect started to comment on the Constitution, to give his opinion (…) on how the Constitution should look like, while he, as a representative of the Government is placed there to represent the Constitution and to defend the Constitution, not to comment it. And I believe the moment has come for him to take some time to reflect and analyse, whether now, when he was supposed to take care of organizing the elections, he had time to express political points of view,” Ciolos stated.

He added that while attending the Government plenary sitting he found out about the statements made by Marossy Zoltan Gheorghe.

“I have learned about them (the statements – e.n.) in the Government plenary sitting, the Interior Minister informed me, also proposing me to withdraw him, because this was my position and our position, of the Government, throughout this year. I haven’t come up with political approaches in appointing or dismissing prefects, but I have clearly told them that they are placed there to represent the state, the Government. Even if some of them got there with more or less political support, I have told them since the beginning of tenure to forget about this thing and to constantly remember that they are there to represent the Government, the Government’s position, and to see through the implementation of the governance programme and not other type of comments or activities, especially in this period (…) when there is sufficient work to be done both for the prefect as well as for the sub-prefect,” Ciolos added.

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