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March 29, 2023

PNL’s Gorghiu: Liberal Government with Ciolos PM is best formula, ensures competency and correctness

The leader of National Liberal Party (PNL), Alina Gorghiu, stated on Thursday, in a press conference in Timisoara that a Liberal Government having Dacian Ciolos as Prime Minister is the best political formula for the next four years, simultaneously ensuring competence and correctness, whereas a Social Democratic Party (PSD) Government with Liviu Dragnea as PM will bring an increase of taxation policy to Romanians, and “defiance and constant humiliation”.

“People should vote for PNL, because they will have a Liberal Government with Dacian Ciolos as PM, which is the best political formula for the next four years, which ensures simultaneously competency and correctness, a formula which, from all the points of view, would bring Romania ahead”, Gorghiu stated.

The PNL chair mentioned that another argument in favor for PNL candidates is the fact that the governing program of PNL is the one that aims a strong decrease of the taxation policy in Romania, as well in regards to employees, but also for the pensioners and business environment. “Our proposals – social contributions of 16 pct for both employee and employer, a decreased VAT of 16 pct, a zero tax on pensions, halving the number of taxes”, underscored Alina Gorghiu.

According to her, another argument for which voters should vote PNL is “the respect from the political elite”.

“In the last few months, we have presented a fresh batch of people, political people that do another type of politics and who want to form another type of Parliament, a batch of people that comes with a reform project for the Parliament, which is supposed to bring back the credibility of this institution, a new working program, granting indemnities to MPs in accordance with their presence sheets, total transparency and open exclusive vote in diverse situations”, the head of PNL explained.

Alina Gorghiu explained further on during the press conference “what will be the consequences for voters, on the opposite, if they vote for PSD”.

“People will have Liviu Dragnea as a candidate for PM or even being PM, in so far as the PSD votes reach a majority. I want nobody to doubt that Mr Dragnea wants this position, we even know for sure that he is working on changing the legislation in order to be the PSD nominee for PM position, and, unfortunately, he wants the PM candidacy of Romania despite his situation, in particular the criminal conviction he has”, Gorghiu stated.

The head of PNL affirmed that in the case of a PSD Government, Romanians will have higher taxes. “Some of the tax increases announced explicitly as progressive tax on salaries may reach 35 pct. Other increases are extremely likely taking into consideration the history of the Ponta Government which introduced or increased 40 taxes”, the PNL representative added.

She has also underscored that a PSD Government will bring Romanians “defiance and constant humiliation”, since the party has already declared that “will maintain all the MPs privileges, special pensions introduced by them”, as well the “the privileges and protection against justice system”.

Alina Gorghiu appealed to the electorate to vote on Sunday and called on the people of Timis County to vote as it is the time for “Timis county to decide for Romania, up to now, Teleorman, Gorj and Vracea counties have decided”.


Alina Gorghiu encourages PNL: PSD propaganda uses counterfeit sociological surveys, it’s war


On Wednesday, National Liberal Party (PNL) President Alina Gorghiu issued a message of encouragement for Liberals, stating that the party is “under the assault of a psychological war in which the PSD propaganda is using counterfeit sociological surveys.”

“Let me remind you that we are all the descendants of the Bratianu family, the descendants of those who made national history by winning national independence, by fighting for the Great Union, by creating long-lasting institutions, by modernising Romania in a European sense. We must win the parliamentary elections and govern efficiently and honestly to the benefit of the people. Thus, put your whole energy to work in the following days and remain confident in the Liberal victory. We are under the assault of a psychological war in which the PSD propaganda is using counterfeit sociological surveys. They imagine that they would thus prompt those who believe in PNL not to show up and vote, to be deterred and to resign to this. Why? Because they can no longer win extra votes. But PNL can! Remember 16 November 2014 and don’t forget that victory belongs to those who believe in it,” reads the PNL leader’s message.

She encourages her colleagues not to stop explaining people that “PSD is a danger for the country’s future.”

“You have all the arguments. Tell Romanians we want a Romania of honest Romanians! Not a Romania of those who clamour their love for it while silently robbing it! The country cannot go forward with those who always sought to raise obstacles for it. We want a Romania that can stand above evil and above resignation, that can win the battle for the future,” Alina Gorghiu concluded, against the backdrop in which PSD is credited with the top shot at winning the December 11th elections.


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