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December 7, 2022

Traian Basescu wants no collaboration with PSD but does not rule out partnership with PNL

Popular Movement Party (PMP) President Traian Basescu stated on Wednesday in Constanta that he rules out any collaboration with PSD after the upcoming parliamentary elections and warned PNL that it may need the political party he leads.

Present in Constanta at the launch of the party’s candidates in the December 11th parliamentary elections, Popular Movement Party (PMP) President Traian Basescu expressed his conviction that PMP will win a lot of votes in Constanta and told those present that he rules out any collaboration with the Social Democratic Party.

“I believe we will obtain a good result in Constanta. A result that would allow us, starting on December 12, to enter talks with the parties, to find a solution. Who are those with whom a solution cannot be found and I rule out any involvement on our part? A Government led by PSD, or with PSD the main party of a coalition. I rule out any collaboration with PSD,” Traian Basescu said.

He suggested he could form a ruling alliance with the National Liberal Party, but warned PNL not to come looking for PMP after the elections, when it may be “too late.”

“It’s true that Ms. Gorghiu, in her turn too, is shouting, wherever she can, that she does not want [to collaborate] with PMP. I wouldn’t want what happened to her in the local elections – when she was looking for us but it was too late – happening again,” the ex-President added.


Traian Basescu about Alina Gorghiu: A Liberal arrogant woman, the rejection of the alliance with PMP comes from stupidity


The President of People’s Movement Party (PMP), Traian Basescu, launched an attack against the Liberal leader Alina Gorghiu on Wednesday evening, saying that she is an “arrogant” and stating that the rejection of a post-electoral alliance with PMP by the PNL President “comes from stupidity”.

“I am still hoping that the voters of the right will come to vote, especially due to the rejection that Mrs. Gorghiu expressed related to PMP, who declared that excludes any alliance with PSD, I hope that the rejection of any option related to PMP by Mrs. Gorghiu will make the voters of the People’s Movement Party to come to their layer, namely to PMP, and not to a Liberal arrogant named Gorghiu” stated Traian Basescu on a TV show.

PMP leader also said that the rejection of a post-electoral alliance with PMP by the PNL President “comes from stupidity”.

“It’s the pure reality. How can you think to exclude a right-wing party? I’m not making a pro-domo dissertation now, but at least in terms of politics, of the approach…” Basescu added.

He claimed that “the Prime-Minister seat is held by PMP”. “We don’t have an option to join the government without the PM position. They (PSD – e.n.) are not an option for us. Zero, guaranteed” pointed out the former head of state.

The former President also said that PMP has changed its strategy after the local elections, when it “received lessons” – they nominated young candidates, “exceptional people, coming from America, from the UK, with studies, who succeeded there”, but “they took one percent”. “I said: it’s obvious we also need those who have a little bit of experience in politics. I think now we have balanced things and we haven’t relied on that slogan – we get younger by any mean and at any cost. The price was too high in the local elections” Basescu concluded.


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