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January 28, 2021

Former manager of the Malaxa Hospital, Florin Secureanu, placed into custody

Former manager of the Malaxa Hospital, Florin Secureanu, has been placed into custody, being accused that during 2009-2016 “he applied a scheme through which he repeatedly (almost daily) took money from the hospital’s cashier”, the damage amounting almost RON 2 million.

On Friday, the former manager of the Malaxa Hospital went to the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), where he was announced that he is prosecuted. After several hours of hearings, prosecutors have ordered that he will be detained for 24 hours.

“The evidences in the file have indicated that there have been issued invoices for a number of 1075 days, which means that the suspect appropriated in 1075 days, money from the hospital’s assets. The total amount that have been dilapidated is estimated at RON 1,944,594, which is the damage caused to the clinical hospital Nicolae Malaxa. To justify the dilapidated amounts of money in the financial and accounting documents  of the public institution, the suspect Secureanu Adrian Florin asked to the staff working in the departments under his control (the financial and accounting department, the procurement department, the administrative department), to issue false justifying documents (invoices and receipts). To this end, the hospital’s manager used two companies with an inappropriate fiscal behavior, being fictively registered as IT consumables suppliers and service providers for repairs and maintenance of the hospital’s computer. In fact, these two companies never had any agreement with the clinical hospital Nicolae Malaxa and therefore they didn’t performed any service and they didn’t provide any kind of goods to the public institution”, DNA announced.

From May, 2011 to November 2016, Florin Secureanu would have repeatedly asked to a company having direct procurement agreements with the hospital to pay him a series of travels that he and his close persons were performing abroad and in the country; the company paid 470 travels for him and his close persons, amounting RON 801,138.

“The travel services from which the hospital’s manager benefited together with his close persons, paid by the company having agreements with the hospital, consisted in purchasing plane tickets, accommodation, car rental, breakfast, etc. The destinations were varied, in Europe, America, Asia or in Romania”, prosecutors stated.

Florin Secureanu was the manager of the clinical hospital Nicolae Malaxa in Bucharest from 2007 to November 2016, being appointed by the Bucharest City Hall, public authority to which the hospital is subordinated.

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