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December 1, 2020

PSD’s Iliescu: Romanians have compared performances of Ponta and Ciolos Governments and voted accordingly

Romanians have compared the performances of the Government led by Ponta and the one led by Ciolos and voted accordingly, Honorary Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and former president of Romania Ion Iliescu believes.

“I want to congratulate the Social Democratic Party members and supporters for the extremely clear victory in the parliamentary elections on 11 December 2016. It is a victory of solidarity, of team effort, of a clear governance programme, after a positive campaign. The PSD offered electors a truly important stake for their life. And Romanians’ response was as expected. It is a response which honors, but which also binds. Romania has changed in these years. It is a change for the better. People also start to mobilize around some themes which concern their day to day lives, themes which are as concrete as possible. The PSD has proved, in all these years, with all the problems the party encountered, two important things: it knows how to govern and has a structured economic thinking, oriented towards economic growth and development, and has as well capable people to apply it. Now, that the governance task goes to it, the party has to strengthen what did right in all three years while it governed. Romanians have compared the performances of the Ponta Government and the performances of the Ciolos Government and voted accordingly,” Ion Iliescu wrote on his personal blog.

He is confident that the PSD will find the best solutions for appointing ministers.

“As a citizen, firstly, I expect from the new governance a higher attention regarding social problems, because poverty is a big problem for society. The strengthening of a democratic functioning of the country is also a priority. Romanians have to sense that their rights and freedoms are defended and respected. The PSD responsibilities are just as high as citizens’ expectations. I am convinced that the party won’t let down the ones who voted for it. As I am convinced that it will govern in the logic of common interest of the Romanian nation. I believe we have succeeded, at last, to understand that a conflictive approach of relations between political forces and institutions won’t bring anything good. Cooperation, dialogues are needed, but also respect regarding other’s position, permanent consultation of society and social partners. Congratulating once again the PSD, party to which I am bound and next to which I have led the fight for Romania’s democratization, for European and Euro-Atlantic integration, I wish it success in governance,” the former president revealed.

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