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September 19, 2021

BNR’s Voinea: Savings deposits uneven; 4 mill depositors – an average of 21 lei, 136 – 25.8 mill lei

Approximately 10 million Romanians have bank deposits, but 40 percent of them own on average 21 lei whereas 136 people have savings in Romanian banks worth 25.8 million lei, on average, as states the Report regarding financial stability presented on Tuesday by Vice Governor of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) Liviu Voinea.

“The share of financial assets in the population net wealth has increased due to deposit growth. (…) Bank saving is characterized by important inequalities regarding deposited sums: out of the approximately 10 million people having deposits, 40 percent (4 million depositors) own an average of 21 lei. (…) 136 people hold 2.6 percent of deposits (on average 25.8 million lei/ deposit),” Voinea said.

According to him, approximately two million people have made deposits of up to 1,000 lei (the average deposit being of round 400 lei).

As a percentage, 60 percent of depositors hold 0.66 percent of the deposit stock whereas 5 percent represent 73 percent of the overall sums deposited in banks.

The net wealth of the population has risen, in 2015, at a steady pace (7.1 percent as compared to the previous year). The evolution of the net wealth is the result both of the increase of the available income and of the positive evolution of the financial assets prices. Real estate assets have continued to represent the main component of the net wealth of the population,” specified the BNR representative.

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