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January 28, 2023

Independent candidates Elena Udrea, Theodor Paleologu and Remus Cernea lose elections, fail to cross electoral threshold

Independent candidates Elena Udrea (photo), Theodor Paleologu and Remus Cernea, who ran in Bucharest for Lower Chamber seats, lost the elections per the data presented after the tallying of 99 percent of the votes, falling significantly below the minimum threshold of approximately 25,000 votes.

According to Central Electoral Office (BEC) data, after the tallying of 99 percent of the votes, independent candidates Elena Udrea, Theodor Paleologu and Remus Cernea failed to reach the necessary threshold.

Theodor Paleologu won most of the votes (8,278), followed by Remus Cernea (4,260) and Elena Udrea (3,154).

To win mandates, they would have needed 25,000 votes, the electoral district coefficient of the Bucharest municipality.

According to BEC data, 738,539 people voted in Bucharest.

The coefficient is calculated in relation to the number of valid votes cates, so that the actual threshold is expected to drop, however this data will be presented after polling stations actually turn in their official reports. At 738,539 votes, the coefficient is 25,466, representing the minimum number of votes necessary to win a Lower Chamber seat (the coefficient is calculated by dividing the number of valid votes to the number of seats allocated to each electoral district).


Elena Udrea’s reaction after the elections: I’m happy for Traian Basescu. Dragnea will probably be PM


Independent candidate Elena Udrea who has failed to reach the minimum threshold of votes allowing her to win a seat in the Lower Chamber, pointed  out  on Monday that Liviu Dragnea will most likely be Romania’s Premier.

“Probably Mr. Dragnea. What is there to say to him anymore after he won almost 50 percent with his party, who can still reproach Mr. Dragnea and with what? Mr. Dragnea will probably be the new Premier,” Elena Udrea stated at the Supreme Court where she took part in a new court hearing in the ‘Bute Boxing Gala’ case.

Asked by journalists whether it is frustrating to see a convicted Premier, considering that she did not win a new stint in Parliament because of her legal problems, Elena Udrea answered: “Since he has been voted, that’s that. The electorate has voted. You can’t reproach the electorate with anything. And not just because it voted. I believe we haven’t seen such a manner of voting since the year 2000. Such a massive vote for PSD, for a party, and they fought almost throughout the country. And PNL’s low score… So, if this is how the electorate voted I don’t believe we have something to comment. Obviously, [the electorate] wasn’t interested in this message with the judiciary and with the lawbreakers, a message that they kept issuing. They voted for PSD without being interested in that. Society probably has to start seeing the political class differently too.”

In what concerns her plans for the future, given the fact that she has not entered Parliament, Udrea pointed out she will probably go into “the Bar or even the business environment or I don’t know… I’ll come to your television station,” she told journalists.

The former minister claims she is happy for the result registered by PMP and for Traian Basescu.

“I’ve understood the electorate’s message. I’m glad PMP entered [Parliament], I’m happy for Traian Basescu. Personally, I will step out of the limelight for a while. I’ll find other projects, not that in the last 2 years I politicked much, but I’ll find a private project in which I’ll do something entirely different. It’s better for PMP to enter Parliament than for an independent candidate, Elena Udrea. (…) The problems I had, and I have, probably prompted most of those who voted for me in the last elections to no longer give me their votes this time around,” Udrea pointed out.


Theodor Paleologu’s reaction to elections’ results: Right-wing voters disappointed with PNL. It’s a severe, undeniable defeat


Theodor Paleologu, who won most votes in Bucharest among independent candidates, without winning a mandate however, stated for Mediafax on Monday that right-wing voters did not vote, being disappointed with PNL, adding that PNL’s whole leadership should resign.

“I simply believe that right-wing voters did not vote for various reasons, first of all out of disappointment with PNL, out of insufficient confidence in USR,” independent candidate Theodor Paleologu told Mediafax.

Theodor Paleologu stated that in his case there was also lack of awareness, pointing out that he spent very little in the elections campaign.

“In my case, it was undoubtedly also a lack of awareness of the fact that I was a candidate, because I spent very little in this campaign and I could not, physically, distribute flyers everywhere, put up electoral posters everywhere, and some thought I have no chance and, thinking that, they remained home,” Paleologu added.

The independent candidate claimed that the current electoral law is to the advantage of political parties, stating that PSD has no interest changing it.

Paleologu stated that voters are “pessimistic” and lacks confidence, adding that this year’s elections looked like the ones in 2000, back when two political parties similarly “hanged on to a technocrat.”

“Of course, in 2000, if we are to add up PDSR’s votes and PRM’s votes we’d end up just about there, but it’s a severe, undeniable defeat,” he added.

In what concerns PNL’s defeat, Paleologu stated that “the disaster is absolutely severe.”

PNL cannot continue with the same leadership, however Alina Gorghiu will probably be the only one “sacrificed.”

“This disaster is not imputable to Alina Gorghiu alone, it’s imputable to the entire leadership. Normally, PNL’s leadership should have resigned en masse and should no longer be present among the future PNL leadership, if the latter is supposed to engage in serious politics, to take the results into consideration and to assume responsibilities,” Theodor Paleologu said.

Paleologu also stated that this will not happen because “we are in Romania and people do not take responsibilities.”

“Busoiu will continue to lead the Bucharest branch, Adriana Saftoiu will continue to be First Vice President. Alina Gorghiu will probably be the only one sacrificed, but it’s not solely her fault, we are also talking about collective irresponsibility, which led to this absolutely severe disaster. PSD never had such a high score before,” Paleologu concluded.

Theodor Paleologu won the highest number of votes among independent candidates in Bucharest (8,278 votes), followed by Remus Cernea (4,260 votes) and Elena Udrea (3,154 votes), according to Central Electoral Office (BEC) data.


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