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Pediatric surgeon Gheorghe Burnei, accused of making experiments and asking EUR 1,000 for surgeries

A new scandal in the elite medicine of Bucharest burst out during the weekend, after a few days ago, on December 6, Casa Jurnalistului presented the case of a girl who, following 11 surgeries performed by the famous pediatric surgeon Gheorghe Burnei, can hardly get out of her bed, after the doctor would have implanted her an unapproved ceramic device.

Several parents would have accused doctor Burnei of asking them money to operate their children, and some of them claim that he mutilated their babies. Prosecutors who are currently making in rem investigations, namely they are investigating the deeds, will decide if the accusations are real or not. Two criminal files have been opened against the doctor for bribery and for attempted murder and murder.

Flanked by the General Anticorruption Directorate troops, surgeon Gheorghe Burnei was taken on Saturday to the Marie Curie Hospital in Bucharest to assist to one of the five searches taking place in this case.

Previously, investigators searched his home all the morning. They also closed to office of the orthopedic doctor at the hospital. The officers belonging to the General Anticorruption Directorate (DGA) have stayed more than 10 hours at the Marie Curie hospital. As they arrived, they immediately sealed Professor’s Burnei office and searches took place in the evening. Several documents needed in the investigation have been taken.

Two persons within the medical team of the surgeon, who have already been heard in the case, will give testimonies. Sources from within the investigation claim that two months ago, a parent denounced Professor Gheorghe Burnei, accusing him of asking money to operate the child.

Sources from within the investigation claim that the amounts are from RON 1,000 to EUR 1,000. At the same time, a new in rem criminal file has been opened for attempted murder and murder – after other parents would have accused the orthopedic doctor of crippling their children or even of causing their death by means of unauthorized experiments. No complaint on doctor Burnei’s name has been received by the College of Physicians, according to Health minister Vlad Voiculescu.

A mother claims that she lost her daughter aged only 8 in 2013, because of doctor’s fault; Professor told her at that time that he did his best to rescue her. “Andreea died because of a bleeding, a pulmonary embolism. He introduced a wrong screw, medullary canal, the fat entered in the arteries. The pain he caused me is huge. I don’t think there’s something to compensate her absence and the everyday pain. I cannot consider that he’s a doctor. A doctor doesn’t kill, doesn’t mutilate and doesn’t torture. I wish him not to practice anymore.”

Another mother, Emilia Iliescu, is against the doctor, appearing on all media channels in this weekend, crying her pain and revolt. The woman is sure that a surgery made when her daughter was only 1 year old condemned her child to disability. And the following surgeries, also performed by Professor Burnei, would have harmed her even more, rather than improving her situation. The patient is now 19 years old, she stays on bed and, according to her mother, she spent the last 4 years only at home.


Emilia Iliescu: “He made experiments. That’s what he did. 8 doctors said to me later that he crippled her, that this is impossible”


Other parents, heard on Saturday, defended the doctor. All these pro and con statements are now attached to the file made by the prosecutors attached to the Bucharest Court. Police officers from Homicide Department have also searched one of the companies with which the doctor collaborated, according to sources within the investigation, where dozens of unauthorized medical devices have been found.


The denouncement against Doctor Gheorghe Burnei has been made in September. The case is related to 17 corruption deeds


The denouncement against surgeon Gheorghe Burnei has been made in September; the case is related to 17 corruption deeds committed during October-November period, according to the Prosecutor attached to the Bucharest Court.

“On December 10, 2016, the prosecutors attached to the Bucharest Curt, together with officers of the General Anticorruption Directorate and Homicide Department – DGPMB, will perform five house searches, including a search at a hospital in Bucharest “, stated the representatives of the Prosecutor attached to the Bucharest Court.

They mentioned that doctor Gheorghe Burnei’s file is related to 17 corruption deeds.

“The file was opened on September 28, 2016, as a result of a denouncement, and it’s currently related to 17 corruption deeds committed from October to November 2016”, prosecutors stated.

Orthopedic surgeon Gheorghe Burnei, suspected of bribery and unauthorized experiments on children, would have asked amounts from RON 1,000 to EUR 1,000, according to the statement made on Saturday by judicial sources for News.ro.

Two separated files instrumented by the same prosecutor have been opened on the surgeon Gheorghe Burnei’s name. On Saturday morning, investigators sealed doctor’s office from the “Marie Curie” Hospital.

15 complaints related to accusations of malpractice and bribery have been registered at the Prosecutor attached to the Bucharest Court on Gheorghe Burnei’s name, stated judicial sources on Saturday, for News.ro.

“During the morning, right after 6 o’clock, inspectors from the General Anticorruption Directorate went to the “Marie Curie” Hospital. The search warrant, the approval of the judge, has been handed to us, and Professor Gheorghe Burnei’s office has been sealed” stated the spokesman of the “Marie Curie” Hospital, Denis Stanescu.

She said that the inspectors went only to the second floor of the hospital, where the Orthopedic Clinic is operating. According to her, the raid didn’t affect the hospital’s activity. Asked if there was any claim against Doctor Gheorghe Burnei made by patients in the hospital, she answered negatively.

Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu stated that no complaint was received by the Romanian College of Physicians against surgeon Gheorghe Burnei, and in this case there is either a corruption matter of the doctor, or a serious system problem and a matter of trusting the key-institutions.

This summer, Professor Dr. Gheorghe Burnei has been removed from the leadership of the Pediatric Orthopedic Commission of the Health Ministry.

One of the files has been opened approx. two months ago for bribery, after the parents of a child operated by the doctor made a denouncement at the General Anticorruption Directorate.

Investigators supervised the doctor and observed that he was asking amounts from RON 1,000 and EUR 1,000 for one surgery, according to the sources.

The second file on Gheorghe Burnei’s name is instrumented by the Prosecutor attached to the Bucharest Court and is related to accusations of serious bodily harm and attempted murder, according to the quoted sources.

Judicial sources confirmed that a criminal file in rem has also been opened for murder.

Several denounces have been also submitted to DGA in the recent hours, related to criminal deeds committed by surgeon Gheorghe Burnei.


Doctor Gheorghe Burnei placed under house arrest


The head of the Orthopedic Section of the “Marie Curie” Hospital, Gheorghe Burnei, has been detained by the prosecutors of the Bucharest Court for 24 hours, and was to be presented to judges on Sunday, with the proposal to be placed into custody.

The doctor has been detained after he has been heard for several hours, previously participating to the searches performed on Saturday at his estates and his office.

“I have never received money for surgeries”, Gheorghe Burnei stated when he arrived to “Marie Curie” Hospital to participate to searches, refusing to make other statements.

The court ruled on Sunday to place doctor Burnei under house arrest.


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