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September 17, 2021

Posta Romana’s former director Daniel Dumitru sent to court for bribe taking, abuse of office

Romana National Company (CNPR) was sent to court on Tuesday for taking bribe, abuse of office and conflict of interest.

According to a release on Tuesday by the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), the prosecutors decided to send to court, in state of freedom, Daniel Neagoe Dumitru, at the time of the acts managing director with the CNPR for bribe taking – three counts, abuse of office, if the public servant has obtained ill-gotten gains for self or others – two counts, and continued conflict of interest.

In the indictment sent to court, prosecutors say that in June-July 2010, Daniel Neagoe Dumitru, in his above-mentioned capacity allegedly demanded the manager of a commercial company (witness in the case) the national company has had a service contract in cleaning in postal offices, to subcontract certain parts of the works to Dig Prodcom S.R.L. company (currently radiated) the first was controlling through an interposed.

Practically, say the prosecutors, Daniel Neagoe Dumitru allegedly has voiced conditions for the execution in good terms of the cleaning contract closed by CNPR with receiving undue benefits. The witness agreed with Dumitru, by closing a subcontract dated 28 June 2010. The ill-gotten gains the culprit has subsequently received represent the real profit worth 109,828.61 lei carried by the company he was controlling, Dig Prodcom S.R.L.

DNA says that in July 2010, Daniel Neagoe Dumitru has grown his claims so the two companies involved in the business (of the witness and Dig Prodcom SRL) inked another contract, antedated at 30 June 2016, based on which the Dig Prodcom S.R.L. would have provided consulting services that were not at all necessary. The undue benefits gained by Dumitru are the value of those “consulting services” cashed by Dig Prodcom S.R.L., counting for 144,000 lei.

For the damages in the anti-corruption prosecutors’ files, the CNPR is a civil party in the case with 2,863,480 lei (the damage produced by abuse of office).

In the file, the DNA prosecutors decided to put a lien on some movable and immovable assets of Daniel Neagoe Dumitru.

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