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October 22, 2021

PSD’s Ponta: I hope President respects Constitution; absolute majority party to be called alone for consultations

Former Prime Minister Victor Ponta voiced his hope that President Klaus Iohannis respects the Constitution and maintained that, according to Article 103 of the fundamental law, the Social Democratic Party (PSD) can be called alone for consultations, if it holds the absolute majority after the future parliamentarians are sworn-in.

Ponta underscored that nothing changes in respect to the PSD alliance with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), a formation the Social Democrats want to form the future cabinet together.

“If it has an absolute majority [PSD], an article of Romania’s Constitution is applied referring to the prime minister’s nomination. With ALDE we have majority, but things change a little bit. The best for Romania, not only for the PSD, is for the one who assumes the prime minister responsibility to also hold the lever, the political power of being the party leader. Otherwise, things don’t go well not only in Romania, but in any country in the European Union. When the official nomination is done – certainly not before Parliament is made up and knowing exactly if the PSD has or not, as the Constitution provides, half of the absolute majority in Romania’s Parliament,” Ponta said on Romania TV private television broadcaster.

He quoted Article 103 of the Constitution, and detailed three reasons why the PSD will rule alongside the ALDE.

“If in the distribution we lack two or three mandates, I believe that there will probably be two-three-four parliamentarians who on Monday will want to be in the PSD. And then, according to Art. 103 of the Constitution, which says “following the consultation with the party holding the absolute majority,” no consultations are held any longer with the other parties, as this is what the Constitution says. (…) Dragnea explained very clearly that we will govern alongside those with the ALDE, it is out of the question telling the ALDE: ‘this is it, we have majority, we don’t need you anymore’. In the first place, we keep our word, in the second place, they have very good people, third, governance will not be easy at all, it will be a difficult one, because the country is left in a very poor situation. However, now we are talking about the constitutional procedures which must be carried out next week – on Monday, on Tuesday Parliament is established, the heads of the two chambers are elected,” the Social Democrat detailed.

Victor Ponta pointed out he doesn’t speak on behalf of the PSD, but voiced his opinion that the Senate President will be Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, and the Deputies’ Chamber Speaker will be designated from the PSD.

“The President is compelled to respect the electors’ and Parliament’s will. (…) The Government concludes its mandate once the elections are validated. (…) After we had Basescu, who in the end accepted the voting of 2012, I don’t want Iohannis to be worse than Basescu – the one who turned down the proposal of Klaus Iohannis being a prime minister, although he had majority,” the former Prime Minister concluded.

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