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December 6, 2022

Romania, ranks first in Europe at relative poverty rate

Romania ranks first in the European Union (UE) with respect to the relative poverty rate in 2014, the country’s position being characteristic to a state with rather big problems in ensuring a high living standard for all its citizens, according to a publication of the National Institute of Statistics (INS), sent at Agerpres’ request.

“In accordance with data gathered at Eurostat level, Romania’s position is characteristic to a state with relatively big problems in ensuring an elevated living standard for all its citizens. From the point of view of relative poverty rate, Romania (with 25.1 percent) belonged in 2014 to the group of relatively poor states, with values above the European average, such as: Spain (22.2 percent), Greece (22.1 percent), Bulgaria and Estonia (21.8 percent), Latvia (21.2 percent), Portugal (19.5 percent), Croatia and Italy (19.4 percent), Lithuania (19.1 percent). Lower poverty rates are recorded in countries such as the Czech Republic (9.7 percent), the Netherlands (11.6 percent), Denmark (12.1 pct), Slovakia (12.6 pct), Finland (12.8 pct) and France (13.3 pct), informs INS.

The relative poverty rate represents the share of poor people, who have an available income per adult-equivalent lower than the threshold established at the 60 percent level of the median available income, of the overall population.

In most cases, children and young people up to 18 years old in European countries have higher poverty rates than the poverty rate of the respective countries, especially in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Italy. This category of people is somewhat more protected against the scourge of poverty in Denmark, Finland, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Greece, Slovenia.

In the age range 18-24 olds, writes INS, most EU member states have higher poverty rates. Remarkable differences can be noticed in the case of the 65 and above year-old elders for which higher poverty rates than the rate of the respective countries were recorded: Estonia (+10.8 percentage points), Cyprus (+0.8 percentage points), Latvia (+6.4 percentage points), Croatia (+3.7 percentage points), Finland (+3.2 percentage points), Slovenia (+2.6 percentage points), Sweden (+1.4 percentage points) etc. Poverty is relatively less spread among the elderly in most European states such as: Hungary, Luxembourg, Romania, Slovakia, the Netherlands, France, the Czech Republic, Denmark etc.

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