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October 30, 2020

ANA: Overall quantity of drugs confiscated in 2015 – 55 percent higher than 2014

In 2015, a 55 percent increase of the quantity of confiscated drugs as compared to the previous year was recorded, according to the national report regarding the drugs situation, launched by the National Anti-drug Agency (ANA).

“The overall quantity of confiscated drugs registered significant growth as compared to previous years (2015 – 1,192.792 kg, on the rise by 55.12 percent as compared to 2014 – 768.902 kg and by 109.7 percent as compared to 2013 – 568.773 kg),” reads the report.

The most important busts recorded for heroine (334.195 kg coming from 335 drug busts), khat (247.715 kg coming from 13 busts), cannabis (235.19 kg from 2,129 busts), pirovalerone (2.658 kg from 185 busts), benzodiazepine (141,299 tablets from 64 busts) and cocaine (71.286 kg coming from 119 busts).

Thus, 54.76 percent (653.196 kg) out of the overall quantity of confiscated drugs in 2015 represents heroine (334.195 kg), cocaine (71.286 kg) and khat (247.715 kg) and 44.3 percent (528.418 kg) of the overall quantity of confiscated drugs represent cannabis busts, out of which 179.757 kg of plant form cannabis, 55.433 kg vegetal fragments containing THC and 293.228 kg in processed cannabis.

There has also been an increase recorded in regards to the number of criminal cases filed by the prosecutors’ offices by 29.3 percent as compared to the previous year, as well as the number of investigated people (by 28.7 percent comparing to 2014).

According to the cited document, there is a significant increase in the busts of psychotropic and narcotic drugs, especially the ones in the benzodiazepine category.

Still, the quantities of synthetic drugs (tablets) confiscated in 2015 are decreasing as compared to 2014.

The report also shows that traffic and drug consumption, as a phenomenon, remains concentrated in Bucharest City, as well as in Timis and Constanta counties.

As regards the people involved in drug trafficking, approximately 94 percent of people involved are of Romanian origin.

Structured on ten chapters, the report contains the most recent data and information related to drug consumption and traffic in Romania, highlighting the evolution and trends recorded in Romania, in the line of the decrease of drug demand as well as that of supply and also the interventions and the measures adopted by public institutions with respect to the problems of drugs, shows a release of ANA.

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