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April 11, 2021

Justice Minister Raluca Pruna: It’s not a day of mourning. Correctly organised elections gave a result that reflects what voters want

Justice Minister Raluca Pruna stated after the parliamentary elections that she does not share “the pessimism around,” pointing out that “it’s not a day of mourning, it’s a day in which correctly organised elections gave a result that reflects what voters want.”

“I don’t share the pessimism around. It’s not a day of mourning, it’s a day in which correctly organised elections gave a result that reflects what voters want.

There are still many, most, who did not vote: out of disgust, because of standards that prompt them to want perfection in politics or simply out of indifference. I hope that one day we will be able to persuade them to vote. Voting is the essence of active citizenship.

To sit on the side-lines, as a kibitzer, and to then criticise with a superior attitude and to say you are not responsible for the result, it seems like cowardice to me. I came back to Romania with a lot of love for the country in which I have family, friends, graves, memories, in which I went to school and I became who I am today. I came back to give something back to my country. I received a lot this year: I once again met my faculty professors, I met writers, creators who contributed to my upbringing, professionals in many fields, who are making our country move forward. I met people who helped me enormously to carry out this mandate.

For all of them, I tried to give my best over a brief period, in fairly unfavourable political conditions. Honestly and not deceitfully. I also disappointed sometimes, undoubtedly, but not willingly. I’ve had just as big disappointments during this mandate. The biggest of them coming from a Senator, on my first [censure] motion. From Parliament’s rostrum, she rhetorically asked me why I came to Romania and asked me not to say “out of patriotism” because she doesn’t believe that. I didn’t answer back then. It has become demagogical to say you are a patriot. I’m telling you now that this is exactly why I came. And exactly for the same reason I won’t be silent after I finish my tenure. I believe Romania, as I know it, can do and deserves far better,” Raluca Pruna wrote on her Facebook page.

The Justice Minister also pointed out that before her tenure ends she will publish a review of the year that passed.

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