Calin Popescu Tariceanu: ALDE-PSD situation is very good. Haven’t met Liviu Dragnea yet

*On possibility of taking over PNL’s leadership: “Speculations”


Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Thursday that relations between the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) and the Social Democratic Party (PSD) are very good, adding that he is yet to meet Liviu Dragnea because he is waiting to see how many parliamentary seats they have before taking the next steps. Asked about the possibility of taking over PNL’s leadership, the ALDE leader stated that such speculations can be made but pointed out he has had no official contacts with PNL and he is not comfortable having a discussion “just for the sake of it.”

“The situation (PSD-ALDE – editor’s note) is very good. We will have talks with PSD, to harmonise the two platforms, our governance platform, their governance platform. Each of us has certain specific issues, our own trademark and of course the final variant will have to be the result of some talks, some negotiations and, probably, some compromises,” the Senate Speaker stated.

Asked how many Government portfolios he wants, Tariceanu said that he wants “as many as possible,” 80-90 percent.

The ALDE leader stated he is yet to have a meeting with Liviu Dragnea because he wants to see how many seats they obtain before taking the next steps.

“We talked on the telephone lately but we haven’t met because we are all waiting to see how many mandates we have and for Parliament to be validated in order to be able to take the next steps, as stipulated by the Constitution. We consulted each other in what concerns our taking part in the talks at Cotroceni, not consultations because these were talks. We too considered them unnecessary, untimely, they are exceeding the constitutional framework. In the following period, we will have deeper talks on the normal issues,” Tariceanu stated when asked whether he talked with Liviu Dragnea.

Asked whether Liviu Dragnea is the name that the two parties have discussed as nominee for the Premier’s office, Tariceanu said talks have not reached that point.

“No, we haven’t reached the point in which to have such talks,” Tariceanu said.


“President is not between the Constitution and God”


In what concerns the integrity criterion, the ALDE leader stated that the Constitution is very clear in this regard.

“The Constitution is very clear and there is nothing superior to the Constitution. The President is not between the Constitution and God. I’ve told you, you have to understand there is nothing in addition to the Constitution. We cannot take something else, except maybe God’s will,” Tariceanu answered when asked whether it is necessary to maintain the integrity criterion when it comes to the appointment of the Premier.

Referring to the possibility of taking over PNL’s leadership, ALDE leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated on Thursday that such speculations can be made but added that he had no official contacts with PNL and does not feel comfortable having talks “just for the sake of it.”

“I don’t know who’s talking. Mr. Gerea had no mandate and I was careful to what Mr. Gerea said. He didn’t say that this is some kind of intent. Such speculations can be made,” the ALDE leader said when asked for his comment on the scenario according to which he could take over PNL’s leadership.

In what concerns a right-wing coalition, Tariceanu stated that political formulas are being tried out and PNL is making unofficial overtures to extricate itself from the situation it is in.

“I’ve seen that an extraordinary hustle and bustle has started these days. Various political formulas are being tried out and I can’t hide from you that I’ve seen official overtures – but also less official ones – through which PNL is trying to extricate itself from this situation caused by the very poor result they registered in the elections. From what I see, an attempt is being made to coalesce a so-called centre-right majority,” Tariceanu stated. He added that, following Nicusor Dan’s statements, USR is “a group in which each member has their own plans and their own ideas,” a group that lacks an ideology.

Tariceanu added that he is waiting for the mandates to be validated, pointing out that he will first discuss with PSD, his political alliance partners.

Tariceanu pointed out he did not have contacts with PNL but received various signals and saw statements of good will.

“Now, in what concerns PNL, my feeling is that PNL is trying to find a solution to get out of the conundrum, but these are political overtures and games. I believe that other problems are more important than these, namely before talking with someone you have to see whether you are compatible with that person, whether you embrace the same principles and the same values. I believe PNL needs today firstly a political, an ideological clarification, because this is also the reason it lost the elections,” Tariceanu added.

The ALDE leader said he doubts PNL’s ability to clarify at the party conference the aspects that have to do with its ideology and principles.

“I would say we are on very distant positions, as seen in the last two years. So, I’m telling you I’m not feeling comfortable having talks just for the sake of it, as long as I see nothing has changed fundamentally and all of this is an attempt to get out of an impasse,” Tariceanu added.

Asked whether he has had talks with USR, Tariceanu stated he does not know what he could possibly discuss with Nicusor Dan’s party.

“I don’t even know what I could discuss with USR. Besides, I see USR is now embroiled in a nice scandal which in fact reveals USR’s true face. I see that there is a very vocal lady there who is very careful to get hold of all sorts of public contracts; they were condemning this practice,” Tariceanu said.

In what concerns the relationship with Traian Basescu, Tariceanu stated they met on the stairs at Romania TV.

“I’ve seen the statements the president made yesterday about PNL and its leadership crisis. I share his point of view,” Tariceanu said, according to Mediafax.

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