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July 31, 2021

JusMin Raluca Pruna, at the end of her term: “I have two big regrets: the bundle of laws on judiciary and the conditions in the penitentiaries”

Justice Minister Raluca Pruna stated on Thursday, after the plenary meeting of the Supreme Council of Magistracy (CSM) that her eldest regret at the end of her term is that she didn’t succeed to pass the laws on judiciary through the Parliament and that she couldn’t do more for the detainees from penitentiaries.

“Today I was present to the last plenary meeting of this CSM (Supreme Council of Magistracy – e.n.), and all this year I discussed with the Council on a project of amendments of the bundle of laws on judiciary. My eldest regret is that I couldn’t pass this bundle, but I think that it’s good like this in a way, because the new Government will have the opportunity to assume it, and besides, to discuss with the new Supreme Council of Magistracy. Judiciary needs a reviewed bundle after 12 years. This is my eldest regret” Raluca Pruna stated, according to News.ro.

She also said that “a regret as big as this one” is that she couldn’t improve the conditions in the penitentiaries.

“A regret as big as this one is that time, unfortunately, was too short to be able to really do something in the penitentiary system. Something that the detainee could feel. We’ve started to do some things, we have publicly said what is to be done, but unfortunately we didn’t have time this year, and I am very sorry”, the Justice Minister added.


“Reappointing Laura Codruta Kovesi to DNA, a great success of the mandate”


Justice Minister Raluca Pruna also stated on Thursday that reappointing Laura Codruta Kovesi as the chief-prosecutor of the National Anticorruption Directorate is a great success of her mandate.

“I consider that reappointing Mrs. Kovesi – I recall for those who don’t know, she had two terms as Attorney General in this country and one term as DNA chief-prosecutor when I took over my mandate – is a great success, which is not owed to me, it’s owed to the exceptional results of DNA, and I’m not playing with words”, Raluca Pruna stated at the CSM meeting, asked if she regrets the reappointment decision following CNATDCU decision through which it was established that the DNA chief-prosecutor would have been plagiarized 4percent of her PhD thesis.

She added that Romania is renowned by its strategic partners inside and outside EU as an example of best practice for the way of fighting against corruption.

“I believe that we, the Romanian citizens, must give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. DNA does its job very well, so this is a great success, for which I don’t have any merit. I’ve only came here only to ascertain, and I assure you that no one couldn’t do otherwise even if he would have wanted to”, also stated Justice Minister.





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