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October 20, 2021

Ludovic Orban prophesies that Dragnea will eventually give up bid to be PM

Former PNL leader Ludovic Orban believes PSD President Liviu Dragnea will give up on being the nominee for the PM’s office and will probably nominate someone else from PSD.

“We said it very clearly. The law must be observed. The law says people who get final convictions cannot be members of Government. Things are clear. The fact that an attempt is being made for the Ombudsman to invoke an exception of unconstitutionality is not working based on this law. Dragnea is in a fairly difficult situation. He is the president of the party that won the elections with a score which, leaving the 1990s aside, is the best score that PSD won and he, as party president, cannot capitalise on this success. He cannot be Premier based on the current legislation. Moreover, he poses a PR problem for Romania and is also creating a state of conflict within society if he insists on his bid. This decision is up to him, if he wants to be the nominee for the Prime Minister’s office then PSD will back him with all power and he will create a political conflict that could get out of hand… My opinion is that Dragnea will give up his bid to be Premier and will probably nominate someone else from PSD,” Ludovic Orban stated on Wednesday morning for Antena 3.


Orban, interested in taking over PNL leadership


The day before, the former Liberal leader announced his intention to run for the leadership of PNL. On Tuesday, he stated that the decision concerning a possible candidacy for the PNL Presidency at the party’s national conference is not solely up to him, referring to the trial in which he is indicted for corruption.

“I will announce my decision at the right time, depending on certain elements that are not in my power at this moment,” Orban said.

The topic was discussed on Antena 3 on Wednesday. Asked how the future party president, who will be elected at the party conference, should look like, Ludovic Orban said that “he has to be democratically elected by the people.” He said that PNL’s future president should be a leader. “PNL members will have the discernment to elect such a leader,” Ludovic Orban said.

Asked whether Dacian Ciolos would be a good PNL president, the former Liberal leader answered negatively.

“No. A man should want to engage in politics, to be member of a party and especially should know how to lead a party. Dacian Ciolos does not want this; had he wanted it he could have done so ever since 2007 but he didn’t,” Ludovic Orban stated on Antena 3.

In what concerns Raluca Turcan’s appointment as interim party president, Ludovic Orban stated:

“The appointment of Ms. Turcan does not mean that the PNL members who came from PDL have allegedly gained primacy within the National Liberal Party. Mr. Falca, as far as I know, filed his resignation following the results. He was defeated for the first time by PSD in Arad. If you are to compare Arges and Arad, Arad won a better score indeed. But [PNL] Arad got a beating from PSD for the first time,” Ludovic Orban stated on Antena 3.


Decebal Traian Remes: Since 2014, no political man left within PNL. Only the castrated ones remain


Former Liberal leader Decebal Traian Remes is, in his turn too, disappointed with the situation PNL is in right now and used harsh words to describe the party members. Remes claims that “there is no political man left within PNL.”

“Since 2014, within PNL, which is PNL in name only, no political man is left. None. The castrated, the eunuchs remain. Their role is to guard the arena. PNL experienced an avalanche of whores, they came from the beltway of politics. PNL is a party that will die just like PNTCD did, which is [dead but] not buried. Look at whom Stolojan brought when he joined PNL. Whom Stolojan directed to make noise, among other things, and who left PNL in 2007 to join PLD,” Decebal Traian Remes stated, according to RomaniaTV.

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