Princess Margareta at Soiree of Diplomatic Corps: Historical moment celebrating 150th anniversary of Romanian royal diplomacy

_ANG0064Princess Margareta, Crown Custodian, deemed, on Wednesday, as a historical moment the Annual Soiree of the Diplomatic Corps organized at the Royal Palace on the 150th anniversary of Romanian royal diplomacy.

“I am very proud that today the Royal Palace in Bucharest is again hosting our Diplomatic Reception. It is a historical moment. Not only the Reception returns to its traditional place after almost 70 years, but also we celebrate today a century and a half of Romanian Royal diplomacy”, the Princess said in a speech together with Prince Radu, in the Throne’s Hall.

She emphasized the celebration this year of the 150th anniversary of the Romanian Royal House and establishing the Romanian modern state, by the promulgation of 1866 Constitution.

“The popular celebration last May, at Peles Castle, which some of Your Excellencies attended, was a joyous occasion, a true communion of trust, love, respect and admiration. 150 years ago, one of the first initiatives undertaken by Carol I was the consolidation of our foreign policy. Immediately after his proclamation in 1866, the Prince Sovereign of Romania established new diplomatic relations with important states in Europe and America. His successors, Kings Ferdinand, Carol II and Michael continued his legacy, maintaining a consistent external agenda, despite the drastic limitations of the First and Second World Wars”, Princess mentioned.

She recalled the public commitments kept by the Royal House in 2016, abroad. “The Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and Prince Radu paid a visit to Belgium. This was the first foreign official visit of the Royal Family together with the officials of the Republic of Moldova”, the Princess said.

Meantime, she assured that “Royal Family’s commitments towards the local community will continue in 2017”. “We also have in view economic missions, for a better understanding of financial and economic opportunities of our country in Asia, Europe and Middle East”, Princess Margareta mentioned.

In his turn, the Apostolic Nuncio in Romania, Monsignor Miguel Maury Buendia, also the Dean of the Diplomatic Corp accredited to Bucharest, has bid Romania and Romanian people success in continuing the path of progress, confirming its own identity. “We wish that your country continue its progress and development, confirming its identity, cultivating the values of brotherhood and solidarity in the spirit of its Christian roots (…), promoting the democratic values, human rights and accepting the differences in a multi-cultural society where people are not compelled to leave their country, but to live in their country in freedom and peace”, the Nuncio said.

The diplomat reminded the difficult moments the Royal Family went through, Queen Anne’s death, as well the Centenary of the First World War, events where the members of the Diplomatic Corp together with Royal House attended.

“Nobody can recall without pain the victims across the entire European territory, that gave Romania’s current borders as a unitary state”, Monsignor Buendia concluded.

He wished Happy Christmas holidays to the King and the Royal Family.

The event was attended by almost 50 ambassadors, alongside the Crown Princess and Prince Radu, as well as with Princess Maria.


Photos: Daniel Angelescu, www.romaniaregala.ro

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