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October 30, 2020

Two in three Romanians couldn’t afford to pay for a vacation last year

Two in three Romanians couldn’t afford to pay for a vacation last year, but, comparing with 2012, the number of those who cannot afford a vacation for financial reasons decreased, shows a publication of the National Statistics Institute (INS), sent at the request of Agerpres.

“In 2015, from the point of view of the inability to pay for a week’s vacation per year or the impossibility, from a financial point of view, of dealing with unpredictable events, 67.6 pct and, respectively, 51.4 pct of Romania’s population has found itself in one of these two situations. Comparing with 2012, a significant decrease was recorded in the number of people who cannot afford for a week of vacation per year, by 7.8 percentage points, but also in the number of people who, when confronted with an unpredictable event, cannot deal with the costs from their own resources (2.5 percentage points). Also compared to 2012, the percentage of people who are behind with their rent, utilities bills or installments has recorded a considerable decrease in 2015 (12.6 percentage points),” reads the document.

Of the overall population of Romania, people who in 2015 suffered from one or more economic deprivations, had a high proportion, of 74.5 pct, having gradually decreased for the past four years.

“Compared to 2012, material deprivation dropped by 6.1 percentage points. The most frequent situations are those in which people who are affected mention the existence of two problems (26.4 pct) or only one (21.5 pct). People confronted with three, four or five economic problems face more difficulties and they represent more than a quarter of the overall underprivileged people,” mentions the cited source.

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