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May 15, 2021

US Ambassador Klemm: Parliamentary elections well organized; PM nomination- President’s responsibility

Ambassador of the US in Bucharest Hans Klemm stated on Wednesday evening that the parliamentary elections in Romania were well organized, adding that the responsibility of nominating a Prime Minister goes to President Klaus Iohannis.

“I believe the elections were well organized. I congratulate the authorities for successfully organizing the voting and also Romanians who voted,” Klemm stated at the end of the Diplomatic Reception, which was held at the Royal Palace in Bucharest.

When asked if he found low the voters turnout to the parliamentary elections in Romania, the US diplomat mentioned that in the presidential elections of the US the turnout was lower than in the previous elections. “Yes, this was unexpected, I must admit it. But in the US presidential elections the voters turnout was also low. Not as low as in Romania, but lower than in the previous elections,” Hans Klemm stated.

In respect to a possible nomination of a person with criminal problems for the Prime Minister office, the US Ambassador stressed out that the responsibility of appointing a Prime Minister falls into the hands of the head of the state.

“It is now the responsibility of President Iohannis. I fully endorse him in all the hard work he has ahead of him. I believe that he created the right conditions to make an excellent choice for Romania,” the US Ambassador mentioned.

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