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March 23, 2023

Clotilde Armand on how decisions are taken within USR: Some measures were undemocratic

Clotilde Armand talked about the way decisions are taken within the Save Romania Union (USR), after her husband complained that a campaign was waged against her within the party.

Clotilde Armand reacted, in a Facebook video, to the dispute that emerged within the party after her husband, Sergiu Moroianu, accused the campaign team of abuses and mistakes. She states the campaign team had to take rapid decisions, not necessarily in an extremely democratic way, but USR must remain united and forget about egos and problems.

“We have very high expectations from the Save Romania Union, our party. Expectations of transparency, democracy. Nevertheless, together we managed to do very much, we should be proud of what we did. It’s true that it was a difficult campaign. The campaign team had to take some rapid decisions and not necessarily in an extremely democratic way as we would have wanted,” Clotilde Armand said.

However, she now considers everyone’s energy is needed for USR to attain its goals, which concern the anticorruption fight, depoliticization, and for this reason self-conceit should be forgotten and the party should remain united.

“The fight will be difficult, and what brings us together remains extremely important: the fight against corruption, the fight for competence, the fight for democracy, the fight for cutting red tape, for depoliticization, these are the things we are fighting for. We must forget self-conceit, the problems we had. We will make progress for transparency, for democracy, we will be at the level we all expect. We want to be an extraordinary party. And we will be! We must build this together. But to do so we must remain together, united!” Clotilde Armand stated, pointing out that this is her commitment.

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