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May 20, 2022

Romanian MEP from Prahova runs for EP President

A Romanian first at the level of European politics. A Romanian MEP from Prahova has announced he will run for the highest office within the European Parliament.

Laurentiu Rebega, currently on his first term as MEP, has announced he will run for the highest office within the European Parliament. His decision came after incumbent European Parliament President Martin Schultz announced he will resign to run for chancellor in Germany. The elections for the European Parliament Presidency will take place in January 2017. Laurentiu Rebega’s candidacy is backed by the Europe of Nations and Freedom Group led by Marine Le Pen. In fact, Rebega is vice president of the group, being the only Romanian MEP who is member the group that brings together patriotic parties in Europe and which is riding a wave in the upcoming elections.

His bid for the European Parliament Presidency was officially announced through a press release too. “I’ve decided to run for the Presidency of the European Parliament, as member of the Europe of Nations and Freedom. I believe in dialogue, I believe in democracy and I believe in freedom! It wasn’t an easy decision and it wasn’t an individual decision. I was backed and encouraged by very many colleagues from our group and from other political groups. More than I would have imagined. For me, as a politician, this candidacy means, first of all, a project for the profound reform of the Union. We must overcome systemic crises and build a durable and prosperous future for all nations. As a politician, you can be wrong, but you don’t have the right to be silent! As a politician, you do not represent yourself, you represent thousands or millions of people. As a politician, you bear the responsibility with which they invested you. I have the duty to speak and have dialogue with all other representatives of other political groups. Europe cannot belong only to the privileged. A better Europe must be a better and more just Europe for all. As a Romanian, I have an even greater responsibility, because I’m not speaking solely in the name of some voters today, but I’m also speaking in the name of our history, of the sacrifices, humiliations, revolts and pain of a people that was cast aside for far too long. We don’t want privileges! We want to be treated to the measure of our work and dignity! The European Parliament represents the will of the citizens of European countries. The reform of the Union should start here! I believe in dialogue, I believe in democracy and I believe in freedom! I believe in Romania and I believe in a Europe of Sovereign Nations, equal and united in diversity!” MEP Laurentiu Rebega stated.

Laurentiu Rebega was Deputy Chairman of the Prahova County Council and was elected MEP on the PSD-PC lists.

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