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December 3, 2021

Deputy PM Dincu at a debate on the national development strategy of Romania: Romania grows, but it’s not developing; we need a major society project

Deputy Prime Minister Vasile Dincu believes that Romania needs a major society project, because the country “grows, but it isn’t developing”, adding that Romania “will lose” if now, when a national strategy for territorial development exists, synergies won’t be found so that it can be applied.

“The leaders of the state institutions say that people don’t understand what are they working for, whom are they working for. They don’t have a long prospect. It is truly a waste of the collective sense. And one of the remedies to this current fragmentation, is starting to be the abandoning of democracy. And we also have countries from our area (…) with important democracies, which are showing signs of renouncing some of the democracy elements, in order to lead this type of hybrid society, which no longer responds to commands, to say so. Romania currently needs a society project, a major project. The national strategy of territorial development is (…) the development project of our country. The lack of audience of such a theme doesn’t scare me, I know that it’s part of a wider phenomenon, but this shouldn’t discourage us,” Dincu stated on Monday, at a debate on the national development strategy of Romania hosted by the Romanian Academy.

In his opinion, in Romania “a culture of victimization rather,” appeared, although there are Romanians who are performing everywhere abroad, but also in the country, and the geo-strategic situation is one which is “very good”, being under a “security umbrella.”

“Everyone’s diagnostic, of us who studying Romania today, is that Romania is growing, but not developing. Romania grows together with the world, with Europe, but it isn’t developing. We renounced very easily to strategic development, we have put aside the planning. I believe that the targets, which the national strategy of development has are important for Romania’s future. If even this time around, after 25 years, when we have a national strategy of territorial development, we won’t find synergies in order to work together so we will be able to apply this strategic framework, then we are doomed to a chaotic future, then Romania will lose,” the Deputy Prime Minister Vasile Dincu added.


“Politicians begin to understand that country is more important than party, or else they vanish”


Politicians have begun to understand that the country is more important than the party, said, on Monday, Deputy Prime Minister Vasile Dincu, who added that those who do not get that will vanish.

“We’ve come to the end of a political civilisation rather based on improvising and ideological outbursts. We have two years until the anniversary of Romania’s centennial, during which, unfortunately, we are very much behind the country’s development. I believe that in the years to come, no matter which party is ruling, what combination of parties, people capable to understand their fields of activity will be promoted and have at least from Romania’s perspective, a common ground – the country is more important than the party. This is what I think they began to understand and, if not, those who don’t get it, will vanish from the political stage,” said Dincu at the Romanian Academy, at a debate on the national development strategy of Romania.

In his opinion, development is a problem of society, of the technical, academic, economic, and local administration’s milieu, and the politicians have the role to ease this process through.

“Romania’s development is a thing way too serious to be left to politicians. When politicians are given too much credit for this matter, they assume the role to hamper what they don’t understand (…) and then they really block things. (…) Nobody in politics has neither the expertise, nor the time to ease the birth of a coherent territorial development in Romania. This is what the politicians could do – to not oppose and to hand in the tools to the specialists,” said the Deputy PM.

He added that there are several essential stages in 2017 in the introduction and enforcement of the National Strategy for Romania’s Territorial Development.

Vasile Dincu assured that a continuity to this strategy will exist, too.

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