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June 26, 2022

PNL’s campaign chief Gheorghe Falca: PNL will not nominate a Premier on Wednesday at Cotroceni

Forming a centre-right coalition will be difficult, Gheorghe Falca, PNL’s campaign chief during the parliamentary elections, told RFI on Monday. On the other hand, he said the Liberals will not propose the office of party president to Dacian Ciolos.

Gheorghe Falca believes that the chances of a centre-right coalition are slim: “After Mr. Tariceanu’s statement, I believe it will be very difficult to form a centre-right coalition; but for us, as a party, the direction we have to take is to make a normal Opposition in Romanian society. After all, democracy consists of people who hold a majority and manage the country administratively and legislatively, and a minority that can prepare to become the majority in the next elections.”

ALDE Co-President Calin Popescu Tariceanu recently stated he cannot take into consideration the offers he received from PNL.

Asked whether PNL has proposed the office of party president to Calin Popescu Tariceanu, in case he joins a centre-right coalition, Gheorghe Falca answered: “As far as I know, there was not a direct discussion with Mr. Tariceanu. On the other hand, when we left the consultations, party president Raluca Turcan proposed the forming of a centre-right coalition.”

Will PNL nominate someone for the Premier’s office at the consultations on Wednesday, PNL’s campaign chief was asked on RFI. “No, it will be very difficult for us to nominate a Premier because that nomination should have already garnered a majority,” Falca answered.

Asked whether the Liberals will propose the party president office to Dacian Ciolos, he answered: “No, it’s not an option because Mr. Dacian Ciolos did not want such an option, to join PNL. We offered Mr. Ciolos this option to join PNL and obviously to be part of the team in these elections. It wasn’t so, he wanted to keep his distance from the elections campaign, he said he promised citizens he wouldn’t be active in the elections campaign and he kept that promise,” Falca added.

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