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May 26, 2020

PSD’s Dragnea says he will announce Prime Minister proposal on Wednesday: It won’t be a name which appeared on television

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea stated on Sunday evening that immediately after the consultations with President Iohannis he will announce the name of the person proposed for the Prime Minister office from the Social Democratic Party (PSD) – the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) side and he announced that he will not go to Cotroceni with a list of names, especially not the ones that appeared on television.

“I will announce on Wednesday thins thing. I will make a decision, after I previously consult with the colleagues in the party, and, certainly, with the colleagues in the ALDE, a decision which will take into account my sole desire to put into practice the governance programme which is highly expected. (…) I have seen lists on television, and, as usual in this type of situation, it won’t be any of the people who appeared on television, this is what usually happens. But, if they feel good appearing on television, it’s their problem. None of them will be my proposition. There are no lists, because I won’t go with lists to Cotroceni, we won’t go to negotiate, we will be very civilized and we will make a proposal after weighting it well, very well,” Dragnea stated on the Romania TV private television station.

When asked when the public opinion will know the PSD-ALDE proposal for the Prime Minister office, Dragnea responded as follows: “When we come out from the consultations, at the press conference.” We’ll probably be called on Wednesday. Wednesday or Thursday,” he added.

The PSD leader stated that he finds it hard to believe that the head of state won’t accept the PSD-ALDE proposal, that he “won’t accept the popular vote and Romanians’ wish to enter as quickly as possible in a period of political stability and economic growth.”. “Conflicts don’t do any good to anyone,” Dragnea argued.

When asked if the future Prime Minister is a party member, Liviu Dragnea avoided to confirm or to infirm it. “I don’t answer this type of questions – if he/she is a party member, if the person is man or a woman, if the respective is blond, dark-haired, sincerely I don’t answer this type of questions. But, definitely, it’s important for that person to be a party member, in order to have responsibility, because, after this experience with the technocrats, I personally won’t risk anymore placing Romania between brackets for a year,” the PSD leader stated.


PSD-ALDE Government taking shape: Who could the new ministers be


A week since the elections, the Social Democrats are considering their options for the Government. Alongside ALDE, PSD will nominate the new Premier and will form the new Government, following consultations at Cotroceni. Although Liviu Dragnea was presented as the favourite for the Premier’s office, the Social Democrats are also preparing another option with which to persuade Klaus Iohannis.

Social Democrat leaders met on Saturday to establish the manner in which portfolios will be distributed within the future Government after the negotiations with ALDE. Political sources quoted by Romania TV announced that ALDE will receive four portfolios within the Government.


PSD-ALDE Government, at the rumour mill


The names of several former ministers, including Eugen Teodorovici, Titus Corlatean, Liviu Pop and Mihnea Costoiu, were leaked during the weekend as potential holders of portfolios within a future PSD Government.

In what concerns the Prime Minister’s office, although Liviu Dragnea has been presented as the favourite, it seems there is a ‘Plan B’ in this concern, Mihai Fifor being the name rumoured as being part of this plan.

Mihnea Costoiu and Liviu Pop are being considered for the Education portfolio, while three other names – Eugen Teodorovici, Marius Nica and Ana Birchall – are allegedly being considered for the European Grants Ministry.

Mihai Tudose and Ana Birchall were rumoured for the Finances or Economy portfolio.

In what concerns the Interior and Defence ministries, they could be taken over by Georgian Pop and Gabriel Vlase respectively. Robert Cazanciuc, former Justice Minister within the Ponta Government, is rumoured for the Justice Ministry.

The Health Ministry could be taken over by PSD’s Florian Popa or Ionel Sinescu, while the Foreign Affairs Ministry could be taken over by Bogdan Aurescu or Titus Corlatean.

PSD’s Paul Stanescu and Gheorghe Simon are being considered for the Agriculture Ministry.

The Labour Ministry could be taken over by Rovana Plumb, and the Culture Ministry by Ionut Vulpescu.

The names rumoured could change as a result of negotiations on a ruling alliance, negotiations that PSD is holding with ALDE and possibly UDMR.

According to some sources, ALDE wants two portfolios within the Government: the Agriculture Ministry for Daniel Constantin and another portfolio for Theodor Melescanu, possibly the Defence Ministry, however Sorin Campeanu (Education Ministry), Steluta Cataniciu (Justice Ministry) and Catalin Beciu (SMEs Ministry) are also among the names rumoured.


PSD leader: We’ll come up with nomination that can be accepted. I’m a responsible man, I don’t intend to promote a pointless conflict


In what concerns the nomination for the Premier’s office, PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Thursday evening that PSD-ALDE’s nomination will be presented for the first time at the consultations and will be one “that can be accepted.”

“In what concerns the nomination that PSD will present to President Klaus Iohannis at the consultations, I won’t make this nomination while having in mind an advantage for myself, for President Klaus Iohannis or for PSD. It will be to the advantage of this country. This nomination will be made for the first time at the consultations,” Dragnea said.

He pointed out that all those who lost these elections, including President Klaus Iohannis, this week have “the possibility” to get used to this idea and to understand that, upsets, frustrations and disappointments aside, it was “a vote that must be respected otherwise we drift away from democracy.”

Asked to comment on the fact that the Head of State may refuse PSD’s nomination for Premier’s office, Dragnea answered: “I’m starting off from the presumption of good will. I’m a responsible man, I don’t intend to promote a pointless conflict.”


Liviu Dragnea’s short list for PM’s office


Over the weekend, the rumour mill also speculated that the list from which Liviu Dragnea will pick his nominee for the PM’s office, a nominee he will present to President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday, consists of two names.

The PSD-ALDE coalition is staking on surprising names. Sorin Grindeanu and Marius Nica are the names on the short list of potential nominees for the Prime Minister’s office, Romania TV sources claim. At the same time, making UDMR part of the ruling coalition is ruled out, with the negotiations focusing solely on possible parliamentary support.

Timis County Council Chairman Sorin Grindeanu (43) was Minister of Communications within the Victor Ponta Government.

Marius Nica (36) was advisor for PSD MEP Rovana Plumb (2008-2011). From May 2012 to January 2013, he was cabinet director within the Environment Ministry and then secretary general within the Environment and Climate Change Ministry. Once Rovana Plumb was appointed Labour Minister in March 2014, Marius Nica became secretary general within that ministry.

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