Sergiu Moroianu, Clotilde Armand’s husband, kicked out of USR

Save Romania Union’s (USR) National Political Bureau decided on Friday evening to cancel the party membership of Sergiu Moroianu, Clotilde Armand’s husband, after he criticised the party’s PR/campaign team.

USR took the decision to cancel Sergiu Moroianu’s party membership because he seriously damaged the party’s image, an action incompatible with the status of party member, a communique released on Saturday pointed out, Mediafax informs.

“USR’s National Bureau noted that Sergiu Moroianu broke Article 13, Paragraph 3 of the Statute, which stipulates that a member has the duty not to damage Save Romania’s image through public actions, and on Friday decided to exclude him from the party,” reads the communique.

According to the source, USR noted that Sergiu Moroianu’s public statement was quoted by the mass-media in dozens of articles, news broadcast and TV shows, in a negative context for the party, which seriously damaged the Union’s image and the efforts exerted by USR members and sympathisers during the elections campaign.

Despite being invited at the National Bureau meeting in order to defend himself, invitation extended 48 hours before the meeting, Sergiu Moroianu declined the invitation, the communique points out. Likewise, the National Bureau gave Sergiu Moroianu the possibility to file his written defence if he was physically unable to take part in the meeting, an option he did not use.

Nicusor Dan explains decision: It’s a sad decision for us, we waited for him but he didn’t show up

USR President Nicusor Dan announced on Saturday that Sergiu Moroianu, Clotilde Armand’s husband, was excluded from the party through a unanimous decision.

“The National Bureau unanimously decided to exclude Sergiu Moroianu from the party. It’s a sad decision for us. We invited him to offer explanations for what he said but he did not show up,” Nicusor Dan explained.

There are “issues that damage our image” in the Sergiu Moroianu case, Dan pointed out.

USR pointed out that Sergiu Moroianu’s intervention was unethical and caused serious damage to the party’s image, consisting of the launch of false and libellous public accusations. Persons who make very serious statements, false statements that they cannot prove, are no longer compatible with the status of USR member and with USR’s values.

According to USR, in order to attack the party, Sergiu Moroianu used the lie propagated by the party’s opponents in their “petty smear campaign,” namely the link they made between the party and George Soros, and he directly and falsely accused Roxana Wrig, one of USR’s Vice President, also based on this “pseudo-topic.”

Likewise, USR pointed out that Sergiu Moroianu said lies about the payment of consultancy services, lied that money was spent in a non-transparent and discretionary manner in the elections campaign, that Matei Paun is about to be paid a consistent sum of money, or that the media invitations came mostly for USR’s candidates for parliament, USR promoting the latter.

According to the communique, half-way through the campaign USR publicly revealed its revenues and expenditures as well as the structure of expenditures, with the full balance sheet set to be made public after the paperwork is completed and filed with the Standing Electoral Authority (AEP).

The RON 50,000 paid for the opinion poll ordered during the elections campaign is proof that the money was spent with great care, the sum representing approximately 2 percent of total expenditures, while the largest campaign expenditures were on infrastructure – tents, flyers, mail services, production, distribution –, the communique shows.

At the same time, USR pointed out that for all contracts there is proof that services were rendered and all expenditures are based on receipts and invoices that will be filed with the AEP.

In what concerns Matei Paun, USR pointed out he worked as a volunteer and will not be paid, not for the local elections campaign and not for the recent parliamentary elections campaign. He was never paid by USB or USR, which can be proved through documents that will be filed with the AEP, in line with the law.

According to the aforementioned source, Clotilde Armand, who did not run for Parliament, was present in the mass-media during the elections campaign and took part in the actions of local party branches, including those that involved media coverage.

USR pointed out that, contrary to Sergiu Moroianu’s statement, Clotilde Armand was the one who co-opted and proposed Matei Paun within the campaign team in February 2016.


Clotilde Armand’s husband denounced conspiracy inside Nicusor Dan’s party


Sergiu Moroianu, Clotilde Armand’s husband, has accused Save Romania Union’s (USR) PR/campaign team of “associating USR’s image with LGBT activists and Soros.” In reply, Nicusor Dan stated Moroianu is lying publicly, many of the lies being similar to those put forth by USR’s opponents.

“Dear colleagues, the elections have passed. In Bucharest, we scored less than we did in the local elections. Our year-long effort has resulted in half the score registered by the PPDD pocket party in 2012! Abuses and mistakes were made by the “PR/campaign team” coordinated by Matei Paun. Having initially joined USB as a volunteer, Paun will now be paid a consistent sum. Does anyone know the financial data on Paun’s services? The Arbitration Commission repeatedly asked Matei Paun and his team to file their USR supporter cards,” Sergiu Moroianu, Clotilde Armand’s husband, wrote on Facebook.

He added that Paun verbally agreed to do so in what concerns himself but refused to reveal even the names of the members of his “team.”

“In fact, Paun hasn’t filed his supporter card. Another member of Paun’s team is Mihai Politeanu, whom Alina Mungiu-Pippidi described as her former personal driver and who subsequently worked for Monica Macovei and who is currently head of the ‘Initiative Romania’ NGO. Politeanu left the group of USR volunteers the moment he was asked for the supporter card. Subsequently, he was secretly brought back by Paun. Matei Paun is a controversial character. We don’t know where he worked and for whom, what his wealth and sources of income are, not even what his citizenship is. Paun is backed within USR by Roxana Wring, who is close to the NGOs that are part of Soros’s network. Wring first brought Politeanu in the organisation too,” Sergiu Moroianu added.

He pointed out that during the elections campaign Paun started a campaign to denigrate and sabotage Clotilde Armand, “USR’s main PR vector at local level.”

“Paun associated USR’s image with LGBT activists and Soros, even trying to exonerate Soros instead of us vigorously distancing ourselves from him, a pathetic attempt that took PSD to 50 percent in Parliament and USR to below 10 percent. I am asking the USR national bureau for explanations as to why this situation was tolerated, a situation in which a person foreign to our party attacked and isolated the party’s number 2 person, orchestrated campaigns against USR’s interests, spent USR money in a discretionary and non-transparent manner, ultimately seriously damaging USR’s chances of success,” Moroianu added.

In reply, USR President Nicusor Dan wrote on Facebook that Matei Paun worked as a volunteer, “sacrificing his personal time, without asking for anything in return, both in the local elections campaign as well as in the parliamentary elections campaign.”

“He worked based on a mandate offered by the National Bureau, one he never exceeded. He had my and the National Bureau’s support throughout the elections campaign. I’m sad and astonished that Sergiu Moroianu is making lying statements in the public space, many of them similar to those made by USR’s political enemies,” Nicusor Dan concluded.

Mihai Politeanu also reacted, sarcastically.

“It’s amusing to see all kinds of neo-Nazis, nuts or fascist Free Dacians unmasking you as a follower of Soros or Macovei, Basescu or Iohannis. After Ciutacu, Pippidi and Ghita, today the day has come for Sergiu Moroianu to defend the country from conspiracies too,” Politeanu wrote on his Facebook account.

Clotilde Armand was not part of the USR delegation that showed up at the Cotroceni Palace on Wednesday to take part in consultations with President Klaus Iohannis.


Clotilde Armand: Mistaken decision


Present in Cluj on Saturday, at the launch of her book – ‘I chose Romania,’ USR leader Clotilde Armand stated that she did not know about the decision to cancel her husband’s party membership, adding that the decision is mistaken on several levels.

“I found out about this during the book launch. I believe he can file an appeal. In my view his was a mistaken decision, which generated a mistaken decision on the part of the National Bureau. It’s like in tennis. If the serve is wrong and someone doesn’t stop it, the game continues and what continues is wrong. I believe it’s a mistaken decision at human level too, because a 20-year friendship with a loyal and honest person should not be blown up after a moment of crisis after the elections. It’s a mistaken decision at the level of human resources, because Sergiu Moroianu is a person of great quality and the fact that he is a loyal man who has been fighting for years is a trump card for USR. It’s a mistaken decision at the level of management too, because a person who notices some problems, who did not make themselves heard within the Arbitration Commission, whose message was not heard and understood at party level and they went public with it, is a person who should be respected. In any organisation, it’s good to have people who also sound the alarm. A person who sounds the alarm must be respected. Another mistake is the fact that he was excluded before there was a reply to what he said. In my view, this is a mistaken decision,” Clotilde Armand stated.

Clotilde Armand also explained that Sergiu Moroianu was summoned by the party to explain his Facebook posting but could not attend the meeting because he had to stay with the children while she was in Cluj-Napoca to launch her book.

“He was summoned the day before. He couldn’t go because I, his wife, was here, in Cluj. We have many commitments toward our children. We have several children and many commitments; he took commitments before them and he couldn’t attend that meeting. We wanted to attend it on Sunday (…). I wasn’t there at the vote to exclude him. It seems mistaken decisions are taken when I’m not there,” Clotilde Armand added.

Armand added that such episodes are “normal crises” in a political party’s life and promised this “maturity crisis” will be overcome.

“These are normal crises. We will have to see what we’ll do, but this will certainly not destroy us. We are stronger than this. It’s normal for there to be some crises after the elections. There are several topics that were managed in a not very democratic and transparent manner because there was the pressure of time and events. I gave the example of money, which was in short supply and, being in short supply, everyone fought for it and there was disappointment and frustration because people did not have resources to promote themselves. People would have wanted more transparency, but there was the permanent pressure of time. On the ideological side, we are covering the whole spectrum and people are joining USR for their values, not for money. People are idealists and if imbalances are generated dissatisfaction appears. (…) After the elections, there is a moment when internal problems are visible. After we solved the external problems, it’s now normal to handle internal problems, which are normal for a party which people join out of enthusiasm. This is a maturity crisis that will be overcome,” the USR Vice President added.

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