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May 18, 2021

Anarchists and/or reactionaries

Sergiu Moroianu has been excluded from USR after he attacked, suddenly and brutally, the head of the party’s campaign Matei Paun, making him responsible for the electoral failure. Moroianu, a mathematician educated at MIT, is best known as the husband of the former candidate for Mayor of the 1st District of Bucharest, Clotilde Armand (photo) .

The situation itself doesn’t have anything special. Let’s note first that USR has recorded a good score, especially it’s a freshman in politics. An even better result would have been artificial and misleading, and the popularity that was too easily obtained would have been risking to deflate shortly, like a big soap bubble. Secondly, controversies are more than natural in a party with aspirations. We should actually deem suspicious those parties without serious internal debates and contestations for a long time. But what does USR tell us about Moroianu’s behavior? It tells us that there are more directions, and in some cases there is a significant level of incompatibility between them.

Beyond these unproved accuses related to the use of money in the campaign, Moroianu accused the party of associating with the LGBT agenda or with the tycoon George Soros’s agenda. The latest accusation is all the more surprising as it seems to be converging to the most fantastic aberrations of the political opponents, going to claiming that the fire at the Colectiv club was a part of an occult plan of undermining the Ponta Government or that PM Dacian Ciolos is Soros’s illegitimate son.

It’s true that Moroianu doesn’t go so far, but it’s obvious that he’s not a supporter of the “Soros culture”. Because that’s what’s about: a cultural war. An interview published on the religious website “The Orthodox Word” clarifies us somehow about the mathematician’s opinions. The website itself promotes a very traditional Orthodoxy and it wars against various values of today’s world. It is not only anti-ecumenical, but it also promotes an anti-modernist, anti-secular and anti-occidental reaction.

But this anti-occidental direction is a selective one, because, for instance, it supports the new elected President Donald Trump, because, among others, he has a speech favorable to the Christian revanchism, to which the website’s managers subscribe. Moroianu creates the impression of an assumed Christianity, and his main enemy seems to be… the television. Not only as a vector of an education not corresponding to the traditional Christian values, but also as an evil thing itself – a common position among the Romanian Christians.

In other words, the TV is more an invention of the devil. Moroianu is also bothered by the anarchic trend of the moment. He thinks that the cursed 80s of Ceausescu’s era should be reassessed. His speech is allegedly patriotic – besides, he repeatedly invokes his irrevocable desire to live in Romania, after prolonged studies abroad -, as well as favorable “to the order”. This last issue seems to have been decisive in the conflict with other USR members. This party took advantage from the successive protest movements that developed in the recent years, culminating with those who forced Ponta to leave the power. One of the most successful causes was, all this time, the protest against the gold exploitation at Rosia Montana, and the protest gathered opponents of the project aligned to various trends. Some of them were mainly ecologist, trying to stop a possible natural disaster.

Others were nationalist, upset because “foreigners” will benefit from our wealth. Others were mainly anarchist, willing to undermine the power of the state. Others were anti-capitalist, promoting the opposition to exploitations in the favor of a privileged minority. Sergiu Moroianu fights now mainly against the anarchist trend, in particular in the name of a traditional order of the world. We can guess that it’s rather a theological perspective; however, it’s a traditionalist one, which involves, for instance, only heterosexual relations as natural relations. It leads to the refusal of a culture that accepts LGBT values. It also leads to the refusal of what is seen, from a conspiratorial view, as an occult attack to the Christian values. George Soros seems to be the ideal person to be demonized. Let’s not forget that the tycoon is Putin’s Russia official opponent, since the activities of the NGOs financed by him are prohibited. Besides, Vladimir Putin is the idol of many Orthodox people across the world, as well as the idol of many of the most reactionary political movements.

We can also notice in Moroianu’s speech a theme which is dear to the conservatives of yesterday and today, and to the extreme right-wing in particular: the cultural corruption. In a slightly masked manner, the mathematician, who is an adept of the education through classical music, deplores the “Afro-American” and “oriental-Balkan” influences – he probably refers to the “lascivious” and teased dances coming from beyond the Ocean and to the rhythms that are specific to the cultures influenced by Islam. However, this kind of positions can also be found at the supporters of other nationalist parties of today.

But in USR’s case, the left-wing component is pretty obvious, while the reactionary-Orthodox one is more discrete. The end of the story stays as an evidence: Sergiu Moroianu is that excluded one, and not one of his opponents. As for the future, the various groups may either strengthen the cooperation on the segments that unify them, or accentuate the differences, possibly going to rupture.



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