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February 17, 2020

Romsilva head announces investment in modern forest seedling nursery

The National Forestry Administration (RNP) – Romsilva will invest next year in a “factory” of seedlings based on the latest technology and which will be able to produce some 19 million seedlings of conifers, general manager of RNP Romsilva Ciprian Pahontu told Agerpres.

“We want to promote a modern production capacity for forest seedlings in protected areas. Basically, we’ll do what everybody else in Europe does. I’d call it a ‘factory’ of seedlings based on the latest available technology and which offers multiple advantages, both on the side of production and of planting. There will be no more walking around with spades and digging planting holes; there will be some special high productivity planters, that will be extremely useful the more so as the human resources decrease from one year to another,” said the Romsilva head.

He added that only the location of the future seedling production capacity was established but didn’t name a figure for the required investment.

“We don’t have yet the final costs for this investment, for now we picked a location in the Bistrita-Nasaud County, to accommodate the factory that will produce 19 million seedlings. Only resinous seedlings, around 40 – 45 percent of the necessary amount,” Pahontu said.

Romsilva plans to invest next year 90 million lei from its own funds and over 100 million lei from the accessibility fund, with the money directed to the modernization and increasing efficiency of forestry works.

“This year we had 88.5 million lei worth of investments planned from our own funds and 100 million lei from the accessibility fund, and the program will be accomplished to an extent of over 80 percent. The figures for next year are even higher: 90 million lei from our own funds and another 100 million lei from the accessibility fund, that will finance modernization and equipment. That’s what we are actually after: a modernisation of all that means forest management, but also increasing the efficiency of forestry works. Obviously, our priority is the sustainable forest management of state-owned forests, but we don’t neglect the partnerships with private forest owners either,” said Pahontu.

Romsilva estimates for 2016 an increase by almost 7 percent in turnover and a rise in pre-tax profit of almost 25 percent from 2015. Romsilva reported in the first ten months of the year a turnover of 1.439 bln lei and a pre-tax profit of 296 million lei, up from last year’s turnover of 1.342 bln lei and pre-tax profit of 238 million lei.

According to Romsilva data, the bulk of the revenues – some 87 percent – are generated by wood sales and 5 percent come from forestry services. The company’s revenues are rounded up by sales of wild berries (0.8 percent), fishery products (0.7 percent), horse breeding (0.4 percent), the marketing of hunting products (0.3 percent) and of non-wood products (0.2 percent).

RNP – Romsilva supports every year from its own funds two major activities: the management of 22 national and natural parks and Romania’s horse genetic resource, which are cost centres and do not bring profit, but as Pahontu says – are an honor for the administration.

“RNP – Romsilva has 3.154 million hectares of state-owned woodland under administration, provides public services and administrates one million hectares of privately-owned forests. It is also responsible for the administration of 22 natural and national parks, a department for purebred horses and a dedicated structure for the Posada Hunting Museum of the Carpathians.

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