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January 27, 2022

Traian Basescu returns to Parliament after a 16-year break: Which is the first law he wants to initiate

Former President Traian Basescu, elected as Senator in the Constituency no.42 of Bucharest, stated on Monday that, in his opinion, the bills and legislative initiatives should be debated into the plenum, not only in the specialized committees of the Parliament.

“Two terms as Deputy from 1992 to 1996 and from 1996 to 2000, so after 16 years (I am – e.n.) again in Parliament. (…) I couldn’t ’ay that parliamentary life was as monotonous as the one of today. I remember, in the two legislatures when I was in the Chamber of Deputies, laws were debated by articles into the plenum, and there were disputed, there were debates on each article. Now, I understand that there are days when they don’t know what they vote, but they vote. I definitely believe that laws should be debated into the plenum, and not in a committee, and then you come and vote without knowing what you voted”, he stated on Monday at the Senate, after fulfilling the necessary formalities to take over the mandate obtained following the elections held on December 11.

Traian Basescu added that the first law he intends to initiate as a Senator could be related to the cancellation of the fee for the citizenship documents for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova who wish to request for the Romanian citizenship, motivating that “it’s inadmissible for a poor man from the Republic of Moldova to have to pay a fee of EUR 550”.

Asked if he wishes to be the leader of the group of the PMP Senators, Traian Basescu replied: “No, not a chance”.

“Now, when Constitution is not subject to debates, all politicians will tell you that immunity must be removed. We’ll have to see how many of them will wish immunity to be removed when Constitution will be debated”, said Traian Basescu.

As for the future PM, Traian Basescu stated that “there are no doubts” that he will be appointed by the majority formed by PSD and ALDE, but he asserted that he doesn’t know who could be the future PM. Basescu commented on the failure of Elena Udrea, an independent candidate for a Deputy seat, in the parliamentary elections: “It seems to me that no independent candidate entered the Parliament”, according to Agerpres.

Asked about how the first day in the Senate seems to him, Traian Basescu replied: “A cold one. I am still cold”.

Traian Basescu came at the Senate on Monday around 14.30 to fulfill the necessary formalities to take over the mandate obtained following the elections held on December 11.



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