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May 26, 2020

PNL’s Gorghiu says she wants neither leadership of Senate group, nor PNL chairmanship

The National Liberal Party (PNL) senator Alina Gorghiu on Tuesday said she doesn’t want the leadership of the Senate’s Liberal Group, nor to run for the PNL chairmanship due next spring.

“Right now, I believe there are many others capable to better administrate the group and the positions within the [Standing] Bureau of the Senate. I think I could give the signal that I’m next to the party without necessarily having a position. I’m grateful to those who trust me and proposed to appoint me in jobs within the Group or in the Senate’s Bureau, but here’s an announcement – like I told my colleagues, too – it is time I make a step back and see where, what, how and when a construction with me inside is necessary, but with other people who are now way better welcome than me in any other position,” Gorghiu said at the Senate.

The former PNL chair added that she didn’t want to run for the party’s chairmanship at the next spring’s PNL Congress.

“I’m in the ‘No’ chapter today. The Congress will be called in a few months, but I repeat I’d like to leave way for no interpretation. A leader who failed in the elections not only should assume the failure as an individual, but must do a step aside and leave another leadership formula for the party, capable to generate the party’s revival, with me only being good at contributing from the 2nd or 3rd place backwards, where I’ll be at the party’s reconstruction. I believe that there are a lot of PNL leaders, plus those who now wish to confirm in their MPs mandates, to face the serious competition within the party,” added Gorghiu.

On the other side, the Liberal senator specified she never ceased to believe that (former PNL leader) Crin Antonescu could be “an active solution” inside the PNL.

“Never before I gave up to believe – well, Mr. Antonescu is done with believing for some time – that Antonescu could be a solution inside the PNL, an active solution. What will happen at the congress, we’ll see. Yet I believe in competition. I’d be sorry to see that we have only one or two competitors, because there are people who could be PNL presidents with a pretty serious backup in the party’s foundation. Therefore, I’d be very glad should he wanted to get into this competition,” concluded Gorghiu.


“My call is for solidarity; let’s try to generate an Opposition formula”


PNL Senator Alina Gorghiu launched a call for solidarity on Tuesday for her Liberal colleagues to come up with an Opposition formula “that can be a successful one.”

“At this moment, we must structure ourselves as the only Opposition to the wider Government formula, and the only message I have for my colleagues, conveyed with a lot of friendship, is that this is a difficult moment for PNL, I don’t want us to fool anyone. It’s a delicate moment but it’s a moment in which my call – as former party president who made mistakes, who also did good things, who worked, but who was of good faith even when making mistakes – is for unity, for solidarity and for us to try to generate an Opposition formula that, in my opinion, can be successful several years from now when the Romanian population will give us its vote of confidence,” Gorghiu stated on Tuesday at the Senate.

According to her, “PNL proved, both in the recent and more distant past, that it is in its element in the Opposition.”

“I believe that at this moment we have to think about how the Opposition is made, and PNL has proved, both in the recent and more distant past, that it is in its element in the Opposition and this can be a very good period of recovery. PSD is now riding a wave of confidence. The Romanian electorate believed some promises which, in my opinion, will fairly rapidly turn out to be fanciful. We must be patient, but also wise to believe that happy times always come after difficult times. This is political life, this is the cycle,” Gorghiu added.

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