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January 17, 2022

SRI head hopeful Revolution file shines a light on historical facts and serves justice as well

Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) Eduard Hellvig on Tuesday expressed hope that the file of the 1989 Revolution will shine a light on what has happened 27 years ago, to the benefit of the history and the justice of the Romanian democratic state.

Hellvig made this statement on the Anti-terrorist Fighter’s Day at the Terror Fighter’s Memorial raised in Bucharest on the spot where Colonel Gheorghe Trusca and seven members of a Special Counter-terrorism Unit (USLA) were killed in the night of December 23, 1989.

“Personally, I hope that the file of the 1989 Revolution shines a light Romania on what happened here 27 years ago, both for the sake of the history and of the justice of the democratic state of Romania. A strong democratic country exists if it has an honest and true history and does justice to all its citizens,” said Hellvig.

He asserts that Romania has acquired over the past 42 years “a tremendous experience” in fighting terrorism.

“Day after day, through the activity of our antiterrorist fighters we build a strong state, but a state that is balanced in the interest of the citizens. The major confrontation today is between the world we live in and the world we want to live in. The world we live in is a world of regional and global conflicts, of terrorism that ignores all the rules of political systems,” said the SRI director.

Attending the ceremony, one of the survivors of the massacre of the night of December 23, 1989, Romulus Garz, who was then in one of the USLA armored military carriers that came under the barrage of bullets, said that in his opinion it has all been premeditated.

“I think it was all premeditated, as four squads were called from the headquarters to fend off the assault on the Ministry of National Defence, which was reportedly under terrorist attack, whereas the force in front of and inside the Ministry was far superior to ours and capable of defence without our intervention. I think it was premeditated, we were called here for things to happen as they did, for the servicemen to be killed,” Garz said.

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