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May 24, 2022

Bucharest Mayor Firea: We need collaboration with Government for emergency consolidation of seismic risk buildings

Bucharest City Mayor Gabriela Firea stated on Wednesday at the opening of the meeting of General Council of Bucharest City that despite the fact that the earthquake from Tuesday night to Wednesday did not result in human victims, nor material damage, there is a need for a collaboration with the Government in view of consolidating the buildings registered in the first class of seismic risk.

“We would very much want that the Government resulted after the parliamentary elections to quickly start its activity, because we need a collaboration with the Romanian Government for the emergency consolidation of buildings with seismic risk, for unlocking the consolidation program of buildings”, Firea specified.

She added that the new Administration for Consolidation will start its activity immediately after the budget of the Bucharest Municipality for the next year is approved.

“Fortunately for all of us, in Bucharest, even if we have a lot of buildings with seismic risk, no victims have been registered, there were no accidents. We are also glad that there was no material damage. We have discussed with the representatives of Bucharest-Ilfov Ambulance, as well as with IGSU [General Inspectorate for Emergencies] and there were no major problems and no person has called 112. Furthermore, there have been no other types of minor events, as it has happened in the previous event” Firea added.


 5.4 M earthquake in Nereju area hit Romania overnight


An earthquake of 5.4 magnitude hit the Nereju area of Vrancea county, on Wednesday morning, at 01:20 Romanian time, the National Research and Development Institute for Earth Physics (INFP) announces on its website.

The epicenter was localized at 6 kilometers west of Nereju and 97 kilometers depth.

The earthquake was felt strongly in Bucharest and the Republic of Moldova, according to the witnesses.

The most important quake of this year, previous to this event, took place on September 24, at 02:11 Romanian time, in the Vrancea area of seismic activity, measuring 5.3 on the Richter scale.

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