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June 28, 2022

BNR: Value of debts on credits offered to firms and population reduced by 38.5pct

Debts on credits offered to firms and to the population totaled over RON 13.7 billions at the end of November, the value of debts being decreasing 38.5 pct compared to the same month of 2015, according to data centralized by the National Bank of Romania (BNR).

Out of this amount, over RON 5.94 billion represents the debts in the national currency, down by 37.6pct, and almost RON 7.77 billion debts in foreign currency, down by 39.1pct.

Of the total of debts, almost RON 4.74 billion were registered in Bucharest.

The total of credits exceeds RON 223.4 billion at the end of November, being 0.97pct higher than the value registered at the end of the same month of 2015.

Loans in the national currency stood at RON 125.7 billions.

Regarding the credits offered to the population, amounting to over RON 112.9 billions, those for consumption totaled more than RON 52.3 billion, those for buildings exceeding RON 58 billion, and those addressed to other purposes – over RON 1.32 billion.

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