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September 29, 2022

PSD’s Dragnea: Regrettably, Gov’t won’t be installed by year-end, Romania stands to lose

The new government will not be installed by the end of the year and Romania stands to lose in this context, Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea said on Wednesday, after announcing that Sorin Grindeanu is the second nomination for PM put forward by the Social Democratic Party – Alliance for Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) majority coalition.

“Regrettably, I don’t think that we’ll have a government installed by the end of the year. Me and my colleagues and our ALDE allies did everything in our power for Parliament to be inaugurated quickly, be fully up and running and have all structures completed in order to be able to vote a government in office the previous week. Romania stands to lose, because there is a set of measures that should have been taken this year, and unfortunately this is impossible now because of this delay. Realistically speaking, I think we cannot make it, as we have only Thursday and Friday left of this year. I think we missed a great opportunity for Romania to have a government installed this year and be able to adopt certain measures; even if we pushed this through, let’s say that the President accepts and we push through [the government’s voting in office] Friday evening. This opportunity was wasted. After the President decides what he wants to do, we’ll talk and establish a timetable proposal for the formation of the governing line-up, for parliamentary procedures, hearings in the committees and the final vote. Of course, we had hoped to have the budget nailed down by January 15,” Dragnea told a press conference at the PSD headquarters.

The Social Democrat leader voiced hope that the head of the state does not refuse Sorin Grindeanu’s nomination for PM.

“I hope he doesn’t refuse. We decided to make a last attempt to avoid a political crisis and I don’t want to start a political war with Romania as theater of operations. The domestic currency’s exchange rate is already veering to an undesired path, because we are lingering so long in this uncertainty with an interim government, and this does not do us any good. But if this honest gesture of ours is once again disregarded and this proposal gets refused too, I think we have no other variant left,” Dragnea said.

Asked if Sorin Grindeanu has been previously vetted for PM nominee, the PSD Chairman explained that Grindeanu learned that he was being proposed at today’s meeting of the National Executive Committee. “He emerged as an option right now and Sorin learned this fresh in the National Executive Committee,” said Dragnea.

He added that he has not given up the idea to serve as Prime Minister himself. “I cannot give up this plan for life, it would be stupid. Anybody here can become a PM at a certain moment. Since we have given in recent history some Prime Ministers of such value, many of us can make it there. I didn’t give up the idea and I tell you very honestly – this can be any time or it can be never,” Dragnea added.

The PSD leader said that if he wins the appointment, Grindeanu will go to the Government for four-year term, not just for a brief stint.

“I hope he has the capacity and self-confidence to carry through this governing program. He’ll have my full support,” said Dragnea.

Completing Grindeanu’s statement that he reports to the PSD head, the Social Democrat leader said that he wants “certain truths restored that were deliberately concealed or derided.” “There is a relationship of subordination between the Government and Parliament. Parliament must hold the Government accountable, we should not forget that. Parliament will no longer be an annex to the Government, let this be clear,” Dragnea said.

Regarding a possible move to suspend the President from office, Dragnea said that reasons to do so exist even now.

“The fundamental law expressly forbids the President to not take into account the proposal of a majority. Sevil Shhaideh wasn’t prepared to withstand this ugly war, under these circumstances we are forced to come up with this proposal. The Constitutional Court ruling states otherwise – even if Mr. Zegrean argues the opposite (…) – everybody knows this cannot be. But let’s wait and see what Mr. President will do,” underscored the PSD leader.

Liviu Dragnea deplored the fact that their previous nominee – Sevil Shhaideh – had been targeted by a smear campaign. “I hope it’s the last time when I’m wrong as regards certain institutions’ force and power to do harm,” said Dragnea.

He also emphasized that he wants to cooperate with all institutions in all “honesty and within the limits of the law” and clearly outline the boundaries between political parties and intelligence services.


Won’t want Romanian authorities to take notes from abroad, regardless from which chancellery


The head of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, stated on Wednesday evening that he wants “strictly correct” and “super honest” relationships with Romania’s partners, based on mutual respect, adding that he will not accept anymore that Romanian authorities to go taking notes from foreign Governments, regardless which one is in question.

“After the investiture of the Government, categorically yes, I will make clear (…) officially our position, which will not have major changes, as I said publicly before, that I want these strategic partnership to function even better, but with a well articulated economic component. We have very good partners, we have been like that all the time, all throughout history, and we deliver support, safety, security in the area (…) I believe that it is honest, it is legitimate from our side to want also the economic advantages that will improve the life of Romanians. I am not going to give up this. Furthermore, I will not want anymore, and I will relay this, Romanian authorities to go taking notes from foreign Governments. Such a thing I do not accept and will not promote, will not support, on the contrary, I want “strictly correct” and super honest” relationships, but also advantageous relations and based on mutual respect, because it is very important”, Dragnea stated in a TV show, at the Antena 3 Channel.

The leader of PSD showed that he is absolutely sure that this attitude will be appreciated to its true value and that every honest partner who gets such a proposal for partnership will not reject it.


“Governmental formula was ready, had Sevil Shhaideh been Prime Minister”


The leader of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) declared on Wednesday evening, at private broadcaster Antena 3, that there was a certain “governmental formula” ready when it was thought the Social-Democrats’ first nomination – Sevil Shhaideh – as Prime Minister would be accepted, adding that the formula is not mandatory in case Sorin Grindeanu is Prime Minister.

“I had had a talk with Sevil Shhaideh, based on the phone call received from the President that he would make the nomination. (…) She prepared for the discussion topics – governing programme, budgetary deficit, and so on and so forth – and I said: in case he nominates you on Tuesday, let us be ready with a governmental formula, to move swiftly in Parliament, (…) to set in motion all the normative acts expected by Romanians. Of course, we had informal talks with those we both saw fit for the Cabinet. People were waiting. That was a governmental formula in case Sevil Shhaideh had been Prime Minister. It is not mandatory for that governmental formula to be kept in case Sorin Grindeanu is Prime Minister,” Dragnea said.

Asked whether he sees Sevil Shhaideh as occupying a ministerial position, he declared he didn’t see any obstacle for her to activate as minister in the future Government.

He reiterated that Sevil Shhaideh was threatened that she was not ready for such a war and that someone must provide explanations for the threats she had supposedly received.

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