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February 27, 2021

Decree regarding designation of Grindeanu as PM candidate, signed by Iohannis. The President agrees in principle for new Government to take the oath next Wednesday

President Klaus Iohannis has signed the decree regarding the designation of Sorin Grindeanu (photo L) as Prime Minister candidate.

“The President of Romania, Mr. Klaus Iohannis, has signed, on Friday, December 30, the decree regarding the designation of Mr. Sorin Mihai Grindeanu as a candidate for the position of Prime Minister, in order to request the confidence vote of Parliament on the programme and the list of the new Government, according to art. 103, paragraph (2) of the Romanian Constitution”, the Presidential Administration announced.

Sorin Grindeanu was proposed on Wednesday by the Social Democrat Party (PSD) and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) as Prime Minister candidate. The head of state had a meeting with Grindeanu on Thursday.

In principle, President Klaus Iohannis agrees for the new Government to take the oath of office next Wednesday, the head of state’s spokeswoman Madalina Dobrovolschi announced.

“Mr. President agrees in principle for the new Government to take the oath of office on January 4,” Dobrovolschi told Agerpres on Friday.


Designated PM Sorin Grindeanu: I received an SMS – ‘Good luck. Klaus Iohannis’


The designated Prime Minister, Sorin Grindeanu, stated on Friday that he received the news on his nomination being accepted by the head of state by an SMS on his mobile phone saying “Good luck. Klaus Iohannis”.

Grindeanu immediately called the head of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, and asked to see if the phone number from which he received the SMS belongs to the President Klaus Iohannis. He showed that after verifying the phone number, answered: “Thank you, Mr President!”.

The PM candidate, Sorin Grindeanu, specified that the discussion he had on Thursday with the head of state was decent and he was not asked for a list with the future members of the Government. He added that on Friday morning since he heard of being designated, he had discussions regarding the calendar for the formation and investment of the new Government.

“Today, as of hearing I was designated, I had discussions regarding the calendar, if this calendar, with that reserve regarding the oath ceremony, if it is respected, then on the same evening [e.n. – January 4], at 21:00, we will hold the first Government meeting”, Grindeanu showed.

He added that there is availability for discussions with the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) and with the minorities’ group, after the governing programme and the list of Cabinet’s structure will be submitted to Parliament.

“I have seen that other political parties have announced that they will not vote for [the Government], before looking on the Government’s programme and its structure. I find this to be a wrong approach, but it’s their own business”, Sorin Grindeanu stated.


PSD’s Dragnea: We showed maximum patience, understanding, and responsibility


The coalition made up of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), showed maximum patience, understanding, and responsibility, stated on Friday the head of the Social Democrats, Liviu Dragnea, after the designation by the head of state of the candidate for Prime Minister, Sorin Grindeanu.

“We showed maximum patience, understanding, and responsibility, because we always put above our natural legitimate wishes, ours and the population’s wishes, [the need] to have a Government invested as soon as possible, and this could have generated a tougher reaction from our side, which had as a consequence a profound political crisis. We have prioritized the interest of Romania, to have political stability that gives us a possibility to put into practice our governing program that was voted upon”, Dragnea stated in a press conference.

He added he does not understand why the designation of the Prime Minister’s candidate was not made on Thursday.


PSD chair on Iohannis’s PM designation by SMS: PM designate is all that matters. Tariceanu – deserves Guinness Records entry


Leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea said that upon receiving the SMS whereby President Iohannis was announcing him that he had accepted his bid to head the government, Premier designate Sorin Grindeanu had at first believed this was a prank by some colleague; Dragnea added that this manner to announce a decision doesn’t bother him.

“It couldn’t bother me, it’s a long time since he doesn’t surprise me anymore, and secondly, it wasn’t me the one to receive the SMS. The Prime Minister designate called me in the first place to inquire if I knew anything of an official announcement regarding his designation. He also asked me to check if the number the SMS had been sent out from belongs to President Iohannis. This is also a way of acting. Grindeanu’s first reaction at 9:38 or 9:40 a.m. when he received the message was to think this was a prank by some colleague, I would have thought the same in his place. It’s [the President’s decision], in the end what really matters is that the announcement was made – weird or not, what it’s important is that he finally made the announcement, because we had decided to meet today at 11:00 hrs to start constitutional procedures. We couldn’t have waited any more, with no time horizon left. It already started to snow, a lot can happen, the country needs a government, plus all the economic measures affecting Romania – the exchange rate is already unsettled. If that’s how he decided to announce him, I personally take no issue with it,” Dragnea told a press conference at the Palace of Parliament.

The PSD leader mentioned that the new government won’t raise any tax, quite the contrary, it will go on slashing some of them. “We are interested in seeing that the governing program, as it has been explained on various channels and made accessible to everyone, is implemented just as it has been voted on. (…) In 2018 the VAT will be 18 percent, that’s for sure, he added.

In his turn, Co-Chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said that in his opinion, the Premier’s designation via SMS deserves to enter the Guinness World Records.


PSD’s Dragnea: We have established action calendar to have Government invested as soon as possible


The Social Democrat Party (PSD) leader, Liviu Dragnea, who is also Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, announced on Friday, together with the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) leaders the action calendar for next week, so that the new Government be invested as soon as possible.

“We have established the action calendar for the following days, so that we have a Government invested as soon as possible,” Dragnea declared in a press conference.

Thus, on Tuesday, January 3, the Standing Bureaus meetings will take place at the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, and at 12:00, both chambers will convene in a plenary session.

Also on Tuesday, at 14:00, the leading bodies of PSD and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) – the Executive Committee, and the Political Bureau, respectively – will approve the list of members of the future Cabinet and from 15:00 the reunited groups of PSD and ALDE will meet in order to witness a short presentation of each minister, and then, between 16:00 and 16:30 the designated PM will forward a list of the Executive and the governing programme.

On January 3rd, at 17:00, a meeting of the Joint Standing Bureaus will take place in order to approve the agenda of the day for Wednesday, January 4.

On Wednesday, hearing sessions in committees and the investiture vote will take place, and from 18:00, consultations will be held with the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) parliamentary group and with the parliamentary group of the national minorities, “if they want so desire”, Liviu Dragnea specified.

“On Wednesday, between 08:00 in the morning and 14:00, the hearings of the Government members will take place in committees. Between 15:00 and 18:00 hours, the governing programme will be presented, and its debate and the investiture vote will take place. Under the reserve of the President’s acceptance – we will send a joint letter – we propose that on January 4, at 19:00, the ceremony of taking the oath of office of the Government members take place,” showed the PSD leader.

On Thursday, January 5, at 09:00 o’clock , a session of the Standing Bureau of the Senate will be held, about the law enabling the Government to pass ordinances during the parliamentary vacation, debates in the committees of this body, and from 12:00 the plenary session of the Senate is scheduled. At the same time, from 13:00 the session of the Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies will be held, from 14:00 to 15:00 debates in committees will take place, and from 15:00 to 16:00 there will be the final vote in the plenary session of the Chamber for the law enabling the Government to pass ordinances.


Budget bill ready, approval in last 10 days of January


The 2017 budget bill is finalised, and will be adopted in the last 10 days of January, Social Democrat leader and Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Liviu Dragnea said on Friday.

“Some procedures are impossible to skip, there’s a minimum necessary period for adopting the budget. The budget bill is ready, but it has to be overseen by the Finance Ministry’s structures, to pass through each ministry so each and everyone can check upon its budget paper, then it must be brought to Parliament, for the expert committees’ procedures and for the vote. This is yet another great distress to us – that we don’t have the budget law on January 1. We’ll cut short the deadlines, but without strangling the debates, so that we’ll have a delay of maximum one week, instead of two, and in the last 10 days of January we’ll have the budget law adopted,” Dragnea told a news conference at the Parliament Palace.

According to him, the matter of the “royalties” is a little bit more complicated.

“We have a solution, but it is for the government to tell what variant they’ll choose,” added Dragnea.


Senate Chairman Tariceanu: PM designation – no children’s game


Senate Chairman Calin Popescu-Tariceanu criticized on Friday President Klaus Iohannis’s manner of communication throughout the PM designation process.

“Practically these 20 days since elections have been wasted as we switched from uncertainty to crisis, with the President probably holding hopes that this way he can reverse the result of the elections by a sui generis political formula. I want you to know that it was hard for me and Mr. Dragnea to cope with the increasingly pressing requests received in the last days to start suspension procedures, following the violation of the Constitution by President Iohannis. Let me tell you that there have been two elements that drove us into an extremely complicated situation. Apart from the legal aspects I’ve already mentioned, there was this lack of communication – it was the lack of communication and the absence of motivation for the rejection of Ms. Sevil Shhaideh’s bid. (…) With all due respect to you as journalists, I think you agree with me that an informal meeting where certain information is passed and then spreads as news from anonymous sources cannot be a normal procedure to communicate, particularly at this level. The Prime Minister’s designation is not a children’s game, what happens with the result of elections and the due respect for the citizens’ vote is not a children’s game, with only information snippets being leaked instead of clear and official motivation and official communication,” Tariceanu told a press conference on Friday.

He said that talks will be initiated in the coming days on the structure of the governing team and that Parliament will be called towards end-January to approve the state budget.

“In the coming days, obviously based on the governing program you have learned about, we’ll start discussions with the Social Democratic Party and with the Prime Minister designate on the structure of the governing team and the line-up itself. Our goal is to implement the governing program as fast as possible, having also in view the shortcomings listed by Mr. Dragnea, arising from this delay we have not wanted in any way. We can also let you know that right away, in January, the Government will take up – among other tasks – drafting the budget blueprint and, of course, we’ll call Parliament towards the end of the month to debate and approve the budget as fast as possible,” Tariceanu said.


ALDE’s Tariceanu: Political responsibility for ruling programme is on me and Mr. Dragnea. Cohabitation is an obligation that comes with the vote outcome


Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Co-Chair Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said on Friday that the political responsibility for the ruling programme is on him and the Social-Democrat leader Liviu Dragnea.

“The political responsibility for the ruling programme is on Mr. Dragnea and me, as chairs of the two parties that have been together in the general election, since we have previously announced that we were to shape a ruling coalition, which is also the reason why we have received most of the Romanians’ votes. Mr. Grindeanu, the prime minister designated today (Friday – editor’s note), if he allows me to say something that does in no way diminish his position and role, is a prime minister designate, yet this is not an official capacity to permit him to speak. The moment he gets the confidence vote of the majority for the ruling programme and team, then certainly all of these commitments will be transferred to him to enforce, and we will be there to further ensure the political support for this Government to achieve our commitments,” Tariceanu told a news conference on Friday.

As for the cohabitation with President Iohannis, Tariceanu said it is “an obligation that comes with the vote outcome.”

“Cohabitation is not a President’s option, it is an obligation given by the result of the vote. That simple. It is not a favour I put forward, it is an obligation because he has to observe the result of the vote which translates into a certain majority in the Parliament and a Government of a certain political colour, he must work with,” added Tariceanu.


ALDE’s Constantin: I am glad that political crisis ended; Romanians’ vote to be put into practice


The co-Chair of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), Daniel Constantin, stated on Friday after the designation of the Prime Minister candidate by President Klaus Iohannis, that the political crisis has ended, and the vote of Romanians will be put into practice, showing that in a few days, the Government will be installed and the governing programme will be implemented.

“First of all I am very glad that the political crisis has ended. Firstly, it should not have been generated. Romania needed a Government much earlier, because there are already some measures that couldn’t be delayed, and others couldn’t be implemented starting with 1 January. As I mentioned previously, we are waiting to start work as soon as possible. I hope we have in a few days a Government in place and the governing programme starts being implemented. I am very glad that the Romanians’ vote will be finally put into practice”, Daniel Constantin stated for AGERPRES.

Regarding the positions that ALDE will get in the Government, Constantin stated that this aspect is less important and that “things will be announced in a few days”.

“I think it is less important for now. Now the last adjustments to the governing program are made, meaning the budget, because all the things must be finalized as soon as possible. These aspects are secondary: how many ministries, who are the people. I know it is very important for the press, but for us these are secondary aspects. These matters will be announced in a few days, it is not a very big problem. There are discussions that, as I said previously, start immediately after the Prime Minister’s designation,” Daniel Constantin shows.


 UDMR’s Kelemen: In principle, we will vote for new Government


The head of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), Kelemen Hunor, stated on Friday for Agerpres, that, in principle, the coalition will vote for the new Government and the designated Prime Minister, Sorin Grindeanu, but are waiting, however, to see what is the governing programme and Government’s structure.

“We are waiting for the governing programme, we are waiting for the Government’s list, the structure of the Cabinet, and probably next week the debate in Parliament and the vote will take place. Thus, from this point of view, I think we entered on a straight line regarding the Government’s formation. That is all I can say, it is not the case to make other comments until we do not see how the Government will look, who are the members of the Government, and how the governing programme will look”, Kelemen Humor stated.

He added that for the time being there are no elements for UDMR to not vote the future Government.

“We do not have any problem regarding the person of the Prime Minister. As we know him, particularly our colleagues from Timisoara, Banat people, who say that he can have our support, our vote, although he can meet the vote even without us, because the governing coalition has 54pct. But since we have the parliamentary collaboration, and if there are no other elements, then we will support the Government. And at this moment, I do not see other elements, but we must also wait for the governing programme. In principle, yes, we will vote for. We will take this decision at the joint meeting of the parliamentary groups, when the Parliament will be convoked”, Kelemen Hunor concluded.


Nicusor Dan: USR to vote against Government led by Sorin Grindeanu


The Save Romania Union (USR) will vote against the Government led by Sorin Grindeanu , the USR leader, Nicusor Dan announced on Friday.

“USR will vote against the investiture of the PSD [Social Democrat Party] Government even if it is led by Sorin Grindeanu. We respect the electorate’s vote, but we don’t believe PSD has changed and we see that every day in Parliament. The Government will still be led by Liviu Dragnea, but from the party’s headquarters on Kiseleff Avenue,” wrote Nicusor Dan on Facebook.

He mentioned that USR will vote for the good projects proposed by the Government and will be against the “bad” ones.

“As we already do in the General Council, we will vote the good projects proposed by the Government, we will reject the bad ones and we will fight the damaging ones, through all means possible. For the USR projects that we presented during the electoral campaign we will look for support with all the parliamentary political parties,” showed the USR leader.


PMP’s Basescu: Announcement of PM candidate’s designation cannot be made by a simple press release


The head of the People’s Movement Party (PMP), Traian Basescu, thinks that the head of state, Klaus Iohannis, made a mistake when announcing the designation of the Prime Minister candidate through a simple press release.

“Wrong, Mr President! The announcement of the Prime Minister’s designation should not be made by a simple press release. If you have decided to make the designation – be it an unfit one – out of respect for Romanians, but also out of respect for the institutional relation, it was mandatory to make this extremely important announcement for Romania through a personal statement of yours, at the Cotroceni Palace. That upon making this statement it would’ve been better to have beside you the designate is another matter”, Basescu stated on Friday on Facebook.

He added that it would be difficult for Klaus Iohannis to ask correct institutional relation as long as he is not generating them through his own behavior.


PM Ciolos congratulated Sorin Grindeanu during phone conversation


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos congratulated on Friday the designated Prime Minister candidate, Sorin Grindeanu, and assured him of his full support for an easy transition from the current to the future Cabinet, announced the spokesperson of the Government, Liviu Iolu.

“Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos congratulated today the designated Prime Minister [candidate], Sorin Grindeanu. The two talked on the phone in the morning, and PM Dacian Ciolos assured the designated PM of his full support for an easy transition from the current to the future Cabinet,” said Iolu.


What Dragnea and Shhaideh were saying at TV on Thursday night?


*PSD’s Dragnea: Grindeanu met 15 minutes with President, who said he would communicate decision on Friday


The Social Democrat Party (PSD) leader, Liviu Dragnea, maintained on Thursday that the head of state told Sorin Grindeanu – the nominee for the position of Prime Minister – during the talk held that same day at Cotroceni Presidential Palace that he would communicate his decision regarding the nomination of the Prime Minister on Friday morning, however at the informal encounter with the press the President said he would make the announcement after the New Year start.

“What can two people talk in 15 minutes? What I know from Sorin Grindeanu – the President told him that he would probably make the announcement tomorrow. He will probably announce his decision tomorrow. (…) I didn’t make him tell me, it doesn’t seem fair, a conversation should be kept between two people, if it’s a a normal, civilised conversation. (…) At the informal encounter with the press he said however that he would make the announcement more likely after New Year,” declared Dragnea at private TV broadcaster Romania TV.

According to him, the silence or the refusal of the head of state regarding the nomination of the Prime Minister “could mean hatred for Romanians”. “I think everything is generated by the hatred he feels right now towards Romanians who did not vote as he would have wanted. I can’t find another explanation,” the PSD leader added.

Dragnea denied having received, himself, as well as Sevil Shhaideh and Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, an address in which the head of state would have explained the reasons for the rejection of the first nomination for the position of Prime Minister.Asked whether in the near future he would get in the Cotroceni Presidential Palace, the PSD leader replied: “We cannot know where life takes us”.

“I will be so happy when in Romania there won’t be talks about some people’s desires to occupy certain positions but about what we need to do for this country, regardless of position. I do not care about this. I have no idea, we don’t know where life might take us. I am paying close attention and I am anxious and restless as to what is happening these days, if we manage to invest a Government to govern this country. How can we know what will happen in 2019 if we don’t know what happens tomorrow, what awaits us, what announcement will be made, if any,” the PSD leader further said.


PSD national leader on postponement of President’s announcement: It’s a mockery


The Social Democrat Party (PSD) leader, Liviu Dragnea, deemed the postponement of the President’s announcement for the nomination of the Prime Minister as being “a mockery addressed at Romanians.”

“First of all it’s a mockery addressed at Romanians. And I have come to understand that he actually does everything in his power so that a big part of our governing programme not be implemented so that Romanians do not benefit from the much awaited measures in our programme. (…) Everything [said] by sources…I find it embarrassing for a head of state to be willing to give away information without taking responsibility for it,” declared Dragnea, on Thursday, at private TV broadcaster Romania TV.

He added that he did not want to comment on the subject and mentioned that the President probably doesn’t want the implementation of the governing programme so as not to increase the confidence level of its initiators.

“I understood that at one TV station someone was upset as to why we didn’t come out today. I was with Mr Tariceanu and Mr. Grindeanu and we have been considering the issue…. To come out and comment what? Silence? It is an embarrassing situation – 20 days have passed since the elections and we still haven’t got a Government,” the PSD leader said.


„Government project is done; those who want to enter Government are walking around Bucharest”


The Government, as a project, is done, but the members of the coalition who want to enter the future Government are sitting around or walking around Bucharest, the head of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, stated on Thursday.

“The Government, as a project, is done. Mrs Shhaideh was ready – she is a meticulous woman – to ‘go to the blackboard’ this week at the President with everything, as she had been asked, with the [government] programme, with the discussion on deficits, macroeconomic balance, all our established measures, including the governmental architecture and the governmental team. Obviously she was ready. (…) We also have the draft budget done. This coalition, with those who want to enter the Government sitting around or walking around Bucharest. There’s Sorin Grindeanu, we parted ways this evening, he went to buy another two shirts. He’ll still be here tomorrow, maybe by chance something happens. (…) We are in this situation. What do you think that other countries might say, how can other countries understand what’s happening here? There is a lot of concern. What are Romanian and foreign businessmen thinking? This path that started to go downhill… Everything is becoming more and more dangerous. There is a limit in all this,” Dragnea stated at private broadcaster Romania TV.

He recalled, in that context, that the Ciolos Government had been installed in one day and a half, the ministers of the Government being even helped by the Social Democrats. “Because we have been responsible, we said that the country needs stability, not a crisis. In one day and a half it [e.n. – the Ciolos Cabinet] was installed. (…) We braved the frustrations of all the party colleagues. Each Minister was took by each Minister from the Ponta Government, discussed with, helped, handed materials, our members from the hearing commissions helped them, guided them, in order for the hearings to unfold rapidly, to be civilized, to reach the investiture vote. And now he comes and says that two days is a hurry? (…) To wait another week? Each day the Government’s investiture is delayed Romanians and our country suffer damages. (…) Sorin Grindeanu stayed with me and Mr Tariceanu several hours, maybe we’d have an outcome from the informal meeting”, the leader of the PSD added.

Liviu Dragnea showed he could not make “two or three proposals” that would be sent to the President so he could “draw them out of a hat”.

“The [President’s] suspension is a small game. (…) I do not want to wager Romania at the roulette wheel”, Dragnea said, adding that the governing program presented in the electoral campaign remains 100pct available.


Sevil Shhaideh: I didn’t understand from President Iohannis that there would be problems, that it’s a no


Social-Democrat Sevil Shhaideh has stated, on Thursday, that she spoke on the phone with President Klaus Iohannis, after she was nominated for the Prime Minister position, and at that moment she had no doubt that things will go normally, especially since the head of state also spoke with her about the investiture ceremony of the Government.

“I received a phone call from the President, he told me we will talk after Christmas and I should be prepared with the topics of discussion, the governing programme, the budget, the deficit, the fiscal measures, all that the governing programme entails, so we can discuss, in depth, clearly, all these elements. The discussion was very… , maybe I’m not good at noting the tone of a phone conversation, but what I got out of it was that it was a normal, natural discussion, just as the investiture ceremony for the Government will be. I mean, personally maybe I’m not good at noting the tone of a conversation, but I didn’t understand that there would be a problem, that it’s a no. On the contrary, the discussion on the governing programme, about the budget, about the team, about the deficit was very well defined and in this sense I prepared these day because the President – chance made it so that years ago we met – knows that I’m a person that when having to clarify some elements prepares,” said Sevil Shhaideh, at private broadcaster Romania TV.

Asked if she would accept a ministerial position in the future government, Sevil Shhaideh said that at this moment she doesn’t know, but the important matter is for a Prime Minister candidate be designated.

She mentioned that President Iohannis didn’t ask her anything about her husband and emphasized that she cannot believe that he would represent a matter of national vulnerability. “We are a united family, together for many years, many people have met us, I was in so many public institutions, we were checked. I refuse to believe that all this discussion around my husband has any sense, or that it has any basis in the truth,” Sevil Shhaideh emphasized, answering to stories in the media regarding her husband’s alleged ties with foreign governments, adding that after the designation was refused, her husband told her: “We go forward with our heads high”.

Sevil Shhaideh also stated that she cannot say if President Iohannis should have explained publicly his refusal, but she expected for him to at least tell her something out of courtesy: “I, personally, expected him to at least, just as we spoke on the phone and he told me to prepare and I stayed working for five days on end, I was expecting him to call me and say ‘look, you have this issue’. Or at least something out of courtesy.”

Asked how she felt when she received death threats, Sevil Shhaideh said there were several things – phone calls, messages – and that her family was scared when all this started appearing on the Facebook accounts of her children and then on her husband’s Facebook account, that they later shut down.

She mentioned that the threatening messages came after the refusal by President Iohannis.

“This is what scared us most. (…) I then went to Mr Chairman Dragnea – I am not a woman to be afraid, but my life is changed, I have two kids, they go to school. (…) I asked Mr. Chairman to accept that there are moments in one’s life when it’s more important to defend your family. I believe things will calm down and we will return to normal life. I am Muslim, I have been a Romanian forever, I never had the feeling of being hated. (…) I was not prepared for this level of hatred because I was raised here, we never had a feeling of unsafety,” Sevil Shhaideh concluded.


Romania can change with much tenacity, but cannot change in a day


The current situation in Romania can be changed, and this aspect can be done with much tenacity, it cannot be done in one day, stated Social-Democrat (PSD) Sevil Shhaideh, on Thursday evening at private broadcaster Romania TV.

She said that Romanians walking down the street are “sad, nervous, very few smile, laugh” and she gave as example her mother, who despite the fact she is 80 years old she still works, because she does not have enough money for her medicine. “She is one of the Romanians who is both a pensioner and also has a job”, Sevil Shhaideh stated, adding that in the poorer areas of the country, outside Bucharest, there is another Romania.

In her opinion, “with much tenacity” this Romania can be changed, “but cannot be changed in one day”.

“Maybe each of us, at some point, did not give all he could give, did not do what he could do, it is not the duty of the one who was temporarily Prime Minister or President, maybe it is all of us”, she said when being asked who is to blame for the situation in the countryside.

Regarding the outcome of the technocrat government who was in power in the past year, Sevil Shhaideh stated it followed the inertia of the previous government, the mechanisms created by the Ponta Government. “If something went well – pensions have been paid, salaries have been paid – it all worked due to the prior mechanisms.





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