Border police stop eight asylum seekers attempting to illegally sneak into Hungary

Nadlac border police – Arad County spotted eight foreign citizens (three Pakistani, one Afghan and four Iraqis) who had all applied for asylum in Romania, as they were attempting to illegally exit the country through the “green border” heading for the Schengen Area as their end destination, the police said in a release on Tuesday.

While on a specific mission the police patrol noticed near the border with Hungary a group walking across the field towards Hungary. They were taken into custody for investigations, commissioner Radu Sasu, spokesman of the Arad Border Police Territory Service, announced in a release.

Investigations revealed that the group of eight illegal male migrants aged 16 to 42 were planning to illegally sneak into Hungary, intending to get to a Schengen state.

“All eight foreigners are subject to criminal investigation for attempt to fraudulently cross a state border; the necessary measures will be reached at the end of the probe,” spokesman Radu Sasu said.

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