MAI: Pyrotehnic materials worth 100,000 lei, confiscated in New Year’s Celebrations miniholiday

Pyrotechnic materials worth approximately 100,000 lei were confiscated between December 31, 2016 and January 2nd, 2017, within the preventive action “Fireworks”, on this occasion a number of 219 criminal cases were drawn up and a number of 230 people were investigated for illegally selling such materials.

“Approximately 25,000 police officers, firefighters and border police officers were mobilised, daily, from December 31 to January 2nd, in addition to current crews, for Romanians to benefit from a climate of calm and public security. Police officers and gendarmes granted special attention to crowded areas and the places were festive public events were organised. On New Year’s Eve only, 150 manifestations were organised, the number of participants being, according to estimates, higher than 300,000,” informs a press release of the Ministry of Interior (MAI), sent on Tuesday to AGERPRES.

Over 2,200 traffic police officers patrolled every day the main thoroughfares in order to prevent accidents and ease traffic but also to detect drivers under the influence of alcohol or who are speeding.

“Thus, over 72 drivers under the influence of alcohol were sanctioned with fines worth 64,613 lei, and whose driving licenses were suspended. A number of 264 drivers also were left without driving licenses for speeding,” reads the release.

Over 5,000 firefighters within the Inspectorate General for Emergency Situations (IGSU) were mobilised daily, nation-wide. The ISGU task forces intervened to put out a number of 370 fires, mentions MAI.

“Approximately 300 SMURD [Mobile Emergency Resuscitation and Extrication Service] crews and 700 teams of the Ambulance Service provided first aid, emergency medical assistance and household consultations for approximately 26,000 people. In the Emergency Rooms coordinated by the Department for Emergency Situations (DSU) a number of 35,000 people were received,’ specifies MAI.

In the mountain resorts, a number of 300 gendarmes and the National Association of Mountain Rescue employees, under DSU coordination, were present on tourist routes in order to provide support to those in several risky situations. A number of 17 people needed the gendarmes’ help.

The pilots of the General Aviation Inspectorate of MAI acted with 8 helicopters and a SMURD airplane, for the emergency transportation of 22 people who needed medical care, as well as for support missions of other operative structures.

“At border points the necessary measures were taken in order to streamline the control activities, the personnel being supplemented. A number of 139,383 persons with 33,857 cars entered Romania and 160,957 people with 40,403 cars exited the country during this period. The average waiting time at the border crossing points was of 20 minutes,” further reads the release.

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