Outgoing PM Ciolos makes review of his Cabinet: Volatile support in Parliament, which made decision-taking difficult

Outgoing Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos made on Wednesday the review of his Cabinet, specifying that this government has been “an exceptional formula”, that benefited from a relatively volatile political support in Parliament, which made decision-taking somewhat difficult.

“This Government (…) emerged in an extraordinary social and political context, after street movements, after the resignation of the previous Government, at which point it was convened at political level, the investiture of a technocratic government. It was thus an exceptional formula of governing and in this context (…) we benefited from relatively volatile support in Parliament, which made decision-taking difficult,” declared Ciolos, in a conference press at Victoria Palace.

PM Ciolos stated that he had been aware that people’s expectations in relation to this Government will be great.

“And they were indeed big. There were many pressures for this Government to start off reforms and to intervene in many domains, while, on the other side, some parties expected this Government to deal firstly with the management of the day to day affairs of the country. However, since the very beginning of government, a lot of problems emerged, a lot of long-hidden things, some for as long as 20 years, which made their presence felt and problems were short to appear, so the Government had no choice but to confront them upfront,” Ciolos maintained.


“I had several phone discussions with PM-designate; will have Thursday detailed discussion”


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos stated on Wednesday that he discussed on the phone several times with the designated Prime Minister, Sorin Grindeanu, and that they will have “a more formal and detailed discussion” during Thursday.

“These days, I had many phone discussions with the designated Prime Minister, including today. As I understood, he will come to the Victoria Palace after taking his oath at Cotroceni, and he intends to even have a governmental meeting. I will wait for him when he will come this evening at the Victoria Palace, but we convened to have a more formal and detailed discussion tomorrow”, Ciolos stated, in a conference on the Government’s results, at the Victoria Palace.

He specified that he wants the new Government to continue some programs and actions taken by the current Executive.

“What I will tell him, I will tell him directly. (…) What I had to say publicly I already did, regarding expectations as well, to continue some programs, to continue some actions, which from our point of view are beneficial, but surely, each Government comes with its own governing program”, Ciolos stated, when asked of what is he going to say to the new Prime Minister.


“I don’t rule out political involvement, but I haven’t reached decision”


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos declared on Wednesday that he doesn’t rule out future political involvement, but hasn’t reached a decision in this respect, specifying that information according to which he is to be named at the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service are only speculations, as he doesn’t have competencies for such responsibilities.

“I do not rule out political involvement, but I haven’t reached a decision. I consider that from such a level of responsibility, a Prime Minister, when he does his job and tries to do it well, already does politics somehow. Of course, it hasn’t been partisan politics from my point of view, because I haven’t been enrolled in any political party, but I will try and look for the most efficient way to capitalize my competencies in the future,” Ciolos stated in an assessment press conference, at Victoria Palace.

He said he was open to talks with National Liberal Party (PNL) and Save Romania Union (USR), the two parties he joined forces with during the electoral campaign and would not reject any invitation in that respect.

“If there will be invitations, I will not avoid them because it is useful to have a talk about the way things have been this year and about the way things will carry on in the future. I am thinking primarily to the two parties that supported “Romania 100″ platform, that encompasses some values and principles I truly believe in. I truly believe a political project, irrespective of its nature, should be based on those values. A discussion on the way the attachment to these values and this platform, at least of the two parties that have declared to support it, a discussion about them might be useful,” Dacian Ciolos added.

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