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August 12, 2022

Dacian Ciolos, meetings with USR and PNL: Former PM will establish an NGO promoting the principles of the ‘Romania 100’ Platform

Former PM Dacian Ciolos had a meeting behind the closed doors on Thursday, with the Save Romania Union (USR) at their parliamentary group in the Deputies’ Chamber, and he will meet also PNL in the coming period to discuss on their further collaboration.

Former PM, who was the image vector of the two parties in the electoral campaign for the parliamentary elections, will establish an NGO providing USR with “materials and professionals that can contribute to the opposition work”, this structure also having expertise resources that could help USR to position itself into the Parliament, stated on Thursday sources from within USR for MEDIAFAX.  The structure that the former PM will launch will not be a political party, “to avoid dividing the right wing of the political scene even more”, according to agerpres.ro.

“The NGO will provide USR and others with materials and people that can help the opposition work. We’ll see how it will be developed”, stated the USR sources.

USR President Nicusor Dan stated after the parliamentary elections, when he was asked if he invites PM Dacian Ciolos to join the party, that he’s sure that he needs some time for thinking and that he agrees “stable and long-term things”.

“I agree the stable and long-term things. I heard Mr. Dacian Ciolos saying that except the alternative of continuing as a PM that is not materialized yet, and except finishing his term, he didn’t reflect on joining any party. I am sure he need some time for thinking. What we said, also in the press conference, is that if he wishes to join UR, the door is open. But elections have finished, a period of construction and parliamentary activity begins; each one of us has something to do, and if he will take this decision, the door is open” he stated, asked if he invites Ciolos to join USR.

PNL interim leadership also stated after the parliamentary elections that the subject of proposing PM Dacian Ciolos to join PNL and how they will collaborate with him, will be subject to discussions.

“We’ll discuss, it’s an issue that we consider, and I will propose to reflect into the future how we’ll collaborate with Dacian Ciolos. He’s a person who performed in the educational field, in which I was involved. We’ll discuss about our role or collaboration with Dacian Ciolos. We haven’t discuss it until now” stated the PNL Interim President Raluca Turcan, being asked if she will invite Dacian Ciolos to join PNL.

But the leaders in the territory reject this scenario, stating that the association with Dacian Ciolos is a mistake and that PNL should look for a leader among the party members.

PNL Calarasi leader Raducu Filipescu stated that Dacian Ciolos is “a mistake”, a number of branch leaders criticizing the association of the party with the PM in office during the electoral campaign, as well as his lack of involvement into the campaign.

The outgoing PNL President Alina Gorghiu has repeatedly invited Dacian Ciolos to become a PNL member, before and during the electoral campaign.


Ciolos wants to continue to be present in the public life, but he rejects the idea of creating a new party


Former PM Dacian Ciolos stated at the end of the meeting with the USR parliamentarians which took place on Thursday that he wanted to thank them for their support, since he couldn’t do this until now. Ciolos has reiterated that he wants to continue to be present in the public life, and for this reason he wants to found an association promoting the principles of the ‘Romania 100’ Platform.

“Both USR and PNL have supported ‘Romania 100’ Platform. They’ve supported me during the electoral campaign as the candidate for the PM position, and I’ve appreciated it’s a matter of common sense to come and thank them, since I hadn’t until now, during the period when I was into the Government, any meeting with USR and PNL after the electoral campaign. I’ve put in my mind to come and meet them, since I didn’t know many of the deputies. I know others because they have worked at the Government. I wanted to have this first discussion” Ciolos stated.

“It was a first visit, a first contact from my side. I told them that I intend to continue to be involved into the public life, to promote the projects of the ‘Romania 100’ Platform. Today we have discussed about how we’ll cooperate into the future. I intend to discuss with several of my former collaborators, in order to create right in the next period an associative structure, probably, starting from the ‘Romania 100’ Platform, which will be publicly active and will promote the principles found in it. We’ll announce you when it will be ready” Dacian Ciolos added.

Asked by the journalists if the association will operate like a political party, the former PM stated that this is not his intention. “No. This is not my intention. We have enough political parties, including new political parties. I don’t think this is the solution right now” he added.

Also being asked if he will take Nicusor Dan’s place, Dacian Ciolos replied while smiling: “I will not take his place. I’ll do what I appreciate that I can do in the coming period. I want to see in the next period which is the best way for me, as a person, to be efficient in the public life. If I’ll appreciate that becoming a party member is efficient, I will consider this issue, if not, I’ll consider a different formula”.

Former PM stated that, the same way he proposed a collaboration to USR on Thursday, he will do this to PNL in the following period.

“I will propose (to PNL – e.n.) a collaboration. This is what I proposed to USR and what I’ll also propose to PNL, if there will be an interest in this matter” Ciolos explained.

He didn’t give any details about the direction of the association he intends to establish.

“We’ll provide more details at the right time. The idea is to develop also certain fields on which we left ideas during the government period, which we’d like to be continued. I believe that in Romania, making politics is not only being present into the government or in the Parliament, I believe we need to bring the public action as close as possible to the people. When people think about parties or politics, they think about corruption or group interests” Ciolos added.


USR MP Cristian Ghinea confirms that Ciolos will continue to be involved into the public space and that he’ll support USR


“Dacian Ciolos came to the USR parliamentary group of the Chamber. He thanked us for the support. He said that he will continue to be involved into the public space and that he will support USR with human and knowledge resources he has. We also thank to him. I thank him in particular. It was a honor for me to work with him.

Our story is at the beginning. PSD always seems unbeatable, and then it always loses. It depends on us” Cristian Ghinea wrote on Facebook.


Liberal Mihai Voicu: “No, thanks”


Liberal Mihai Voicu harshly reacted on Facebook after Ciolos’s meeting with the USR parliamentary group and following the statements that the former PM made at the end of the meeting, accusing the former head of the Executive that PNL has lost the elections because of him.

Today’s statement made by Voicu is even more surprising since the support shown by Liberals for Ciolos in the parliamentary campaign is well-known, going so far as those led at that time by Alina Gorghiu made billboards with the PM of the moment, inviting him on the stage at their meeting in Bucharest.

However, Mihai Voicu appears with a bellicose statement against Dacian Ciolos.

“A gentleman who told us in the electoral campaign that he doesn’t want to appear on our posters and that we abusively use his image, launches proposals of collaboration on TV. He mentions something about the ‘Romania 100’ Platform. Well, because of this platform we lost elections. No, thanks” Mihai Voicu wrote on Facebook on Thursday.



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