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June 24, 2021

PM Grindeanu and members of his Cabinet take over their mandates and start working. Ciolos, after handing over the baton to his successor: It’s by no means easy to enforce the governing platform. I wish him good luck

Premier Sorin Grindeanu and former Premier Dacian Ciolos met at the Victoria Palace on Thursday and talked for more than two hours, exchanging ideas on current projects.

After his meeting with Grindeanu, Ciolos stated that to him the new Premier seems “committed” and determined to enforce PSD’s governing platform, however he finds that to be “by no means, by no means, by no means” easy given the budgetary data he knows.

“We met, we reviewed the main topics, projects, in every domain. It was a first discussion. He seemed to be committed and determined to enforce the governing platform. I didn’t give him advice, it’s not necessary, I answered his questions,” Dacian Ciolos said.

The ex-Premier pointed out that the discussion was “very technical” and he told Sorin Grindeanu that he is at his service if he needs any other talks. Ciolos however did not want to comment on the measures included in the governing platform, stating that this topic was not even tackled during the meeting.

“I wish him good luck. Based on the information I have on the budget’s potential, it [enforcing the governing platform – editor’s note] will be easy by no means, by no means, by no means,” Ciolos added.

Dacian Ciolos left the Victoria Palace immediately after the meeting.

Premier Sorin Grindeanu chaired the new Government’s first meeting on Wednesday evening, after the Government was confirmed by Parliament and after the swearing in ceremony that took place before President Iohannis at the Cotroceni Palace. On Wednesday, the Grindeanu Government adopted the bill that gives Government the possibility to issue emergency ordinances during Parliament’s recess, and a draft emergency ordinance that establishes certain central public administration measures and that modifies and adds to certain normative acts.

Grindeanu announced that the new Government will hold its second meeting on Friday.


PM Grindeanu to his Cabinet: Roll up your sleeves and start working


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu told the ministers of his Cabinet in the beginning of the first meeting of the new Government held Wednesday evening that they must “roll up their sleeves” and start working.

“The campaign is over, we have already rolled up our sleeves and started working,” Grindeanu said.

“Today we have two points (…) on the agenda. A bill enabling the Government to issue ordinances and an emergency ordinance draft establishing some new measures in the central public administration area and for the modification of and addition to some normative acts. There are things absolutely necessary in order to function properly as a government and secondly in order to give Parliament the possibility to adopt this draft law in the coming days. (…) We have all the approvals for the two,” Sorin Grindeanu said.

He was accompanied up to the meeting room door by Social Democratic Party (PSD) President and Lower Chamber Speaker Liviu Dragnea, and Alliance of Liberals and Democrats and Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu. The two wished the new PM success.

At the same time, when asked what he feels upon the new government taking office, Dragnea replied: “A lot of hope.”


Next Gov’t meeting on Friday


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu also told his ministers on Wednesday evening to take over their ministries on Thursday morning, as the next Government meeting will take place on Friday.

“Tomorrow morning, at 9 a.m., each minister will go and take over the ministry for which he/she was confirmed in Parliament. Please make an inventory in each ministry so that Friday, when we hold the next Government meeting, you can present them,” Grindeanu said in the beginning of the Government meeting.

He congratulated the ministers for the vote in Parliament.

“Today we have our first Government meeting. I underscore the responsibility on the shoulders of each one of us. A responsibility given by Romanians’ vote of 11 December, Parliament’s vote today, which compels us to implement the 2017-2020 governance programme,” the Prime Minister also said.


 Mihai Busuioc appointed Secretary General of the Government with rank of Minister


Mihai Busuioc was appointed Secretary General of the Government, with the rank of Minister, through a decision by Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu.

The same decision signed by Sorin Grindeanu ended the applicability of a decision from September 14 by Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos, which allowed him to exercise the prerogatives of the Secretary General of the Government.

The decision was published on Wednesday evening in the Official Gazette.

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