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May 17, 2021

Traian Basescu about the recording published by Sebastian Ghita: The big question is if the person who recorded me had a warrant from an institution

Former President Traian Basescu stated on Thursday that “the big question” related to the recording recently published by Sebastian Ghita is if it was based on a warrant issued by a state institution, mentioning that he didn’t know that he was recorded and he didn’t authorize the publication.

“First of all, I didn’t know that somebody is recording, and I don’t know if it was Sebastian Ghita (photo) or somebody else. Secondly, I didn’t authorized any person to publish those private discussions, if it made any recording, and thirdly, the big question is if the person who recorded me, made this recording based on a warrant issued by a state institution, or he/she made it of herself/himself” Traian Basescu stated, being asked about the recordings published by Sebastian Ghita, in which the former President of Romania speaks about information that he would have received related to the ICA file, a case in which Dan Voiculescu was sentenced.

He denied any involvement in the Voiculescu case.

“I believe that the sentence received by Voiculescu is a fair one. If there is something to be discussed, is if all those who participated in the money laundry in Cyprus have been attracted into the trial” Basescu added.

Following the published recording, prosecutors of the Prosecutor  General office  announced on Wednesday that a criminal file for abuse of office would be opened.


Ghita: If this seems to be Justice for you, I can’t say anything else


On Tuesday, Romania TV published recordings with a voice that seems to belong to the former President Traian Basescu, who was discussing with another person, whose voice was altered, about alleged recordings with General Florian Coldea, with the chief-prosecutor of DNA Laura Codruta Kovesi, and with Judge Camelia Bogdan, which the former President would hold. The recordings were sent by the businessman Sebastian Ghita, disappeared since 21st of December.

Ghita accuses interventions in several important files.

Sebastian Ghita stated that “there are many people to which important unfair things have been made in these 10 years. The cases I know closely and detailed, and I know how unjust, unfair they were arranged and rigged, are those of Adrian Nastase, Seres, the way that the success in elections has been stolen from Geoana, the way that millions of Romanian people have been fooled when Basescu has been suspended, the way that Mona Pivniceru’s will has been hijacked at Kovesi’s appointment, Voiculescu’s file with Camelia Bogdan and Judge Mustata, the way that Voiculescu-Bendei file has been rigged, the way that Sarbu’s file has been arranged on Florian Coldea’s secrete address”.

“It’s not only me who knows these things, please listen to the former President Traian Basescu speaking about the evets from his office or which he recorded, events that took place in the presence of Coldea, Kovesi, Camelia Bogdan. If this seems to be Justice to you, I can’t say anything else” says Sebastian Ghita in a recording sent to RTV.

According to the recording presented by Ghita, the person that seems to be Traian Basescu speaks about “Mafia state” and declares, answering to a question related to Voiculescu case: “You should have seen them speaking the day after the conviction, which fulfilled as they were told three days before. I was told: Tomorrow we take Mutata and Camelia Bogdan is in. You should have seen them one day later, saying: I spoke with Bogdan and she said that if we would have had the Criminal Code she would have given him 20 years, but now she could give him only ten. The Coldea puts the conclusions, you know. You should see Coldea how spectacular he is when he puts conclusions. (…) Camelia Bogdan (…) entered as judge in the son in law’s file. A judge who has the file since one year ago is changed, and Camelia Bogdan entered at the last hearing. Hey you, Bogdan, I know who you are!”.


Former President confirmed on Wednesday the authenticity of the recording published by Sebastian Ghita: I don’t deny the recording, but it was edited


On Wednesday, former President Basescu stated that he doesn’t deny the recording published by Sebastian Ghita, but that it is “edited”, stating that form his point of view, Dan Voiculescu has been fairly judged, but the file wasn’t completely investigated.

“(Sebastian Ghita – e.n.) makes uncovered statements. First of all, I don’t deny the recording. Secondly, it’s an edited recording where many things are taken out of the context. Thirdly, I am saying these things everywhere. In one way or another, I said them to the televisions, I say them also in discussions with people to make them understand that the discretionary power of two people has gone too far, one of them is Coldea and another one is Kovesi” stated the former President Traian Basescu for MEDIAFAX, asked to comment on the recording published by Romania TV.

Traian Basescu stated that Dan Voiculescu has been fairly judged, but the case wasn’t completely investigated. “If you ask me, Voiculescu has been fairly judged. I don’t know anything about Adrian Sarbu. Of course, Voiculescu’s case wasn’t completely investigated” said Basescu.

Traian Basescu also said that Sebastian Ghita “is a man who tries to defend himself this way”. Asked if this approach will help Sebastian Ghita, Basescu answered: “Honestly, I don’t think so”.

Later, former President stated on his Facebook page that the recordings were made during private talks in the last months of 2016, and that he never met Judge Camelia Bogdan. “Implicitly, I didn’t talk with her about Voiculescu case. My statements are related to information received from the specialized structures, and not from prosecutors or judges, with whom I’ve never discussed about the ICA (Voiculescu) file. Since before ending my term, and especially after ending it, I have frequently talked in the public space and in private meetings, exemplifying what I was considering to be abuses with elements from the cases I knew. At the same time, when I had the opportunity, I talked about the need of establishing a real control of the intelligence services’ activity, and especially SRI’s activity, by the Parliament” Traian Basescu also wrote.


 Judge Camelia Bogdan answers to Sebastian Ghita: Nobody asked me ever any solution in Voiculescu case


Judge Camelia Bogdan stated that she never discussed with Traian Basescu, Florian Coldea or Laura Kovesi about Dan Voiculescu’s case, her statements for Lumea Justitiei coming after the last recording with the fugitive Sebastian Ghita.

“There wasn’t any meeting, ever, between me and President Basescu, or between me and General Coldea. I have probably seen General Coldea at the US Embassy. I saw Traian Basescu only at the appointment. We didn’t talk, I sat in a group only with the magistrates when I was at the Embassy, before the sentence.

Asked about the fact that the information that Dan Voiculescu will be sentenced to 10 years in prison was circulated since before his conviction, the judge explained that she gives “solutions with double digits in all cases of prejudice. It’s my practice. In files with more than EUR 10 million”.

“In the BCR file I decided the seizure of the EUR 1 million fee from the notary Ioana Basescu. And there is probably a late explanation of the former President, after two years”, the judge stated, according to the quoted source.

“If he wanted to say that arrangements have been made, he should tell right after the sentence, not two years later. Am I right?! Maybe at that time it was convenient to him that I order the seizure from all those who commit illegalities, and now it isn’t anymore. I haven’t hesitated to order the seizure from his daughter, too, and not only from Mr. Voiculescu’s daughter” she added.

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