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November 30, 2022

Lia Olguta Vasilescu on taking office: We will issue pension and salary hike ordinances

Lia Olguta Vasilescu was sworn in as Labour and Social Justice Minister on Wednesday and on the same day wrote her resignation from the office of Craiova Mayor.

Lia Olguta Vasilescu, the new Labour Minister, arrived at the ministry’s headquarters on Thursday morning, in order to take over the mandate from former minister Dragos Pislaru. On this occasion, she stated that the budget is the top priority and that pension and salary hike ordinances must be issued.

“I’ve brought with me only the governing platform. We must issue seven ordinances. I hope I will finish the formalities very quickly and get to work. The budget is the top priority; we must issue pension and salary hike ordinances. There are seven emergency ordinances, someone from the party will inform you. You’ll see we will respect the governing platform and there won’t be any disaster,” Lia Olguta Vasilescu stated.

Dragos Pislaru arrived several minutes later, carrying flowers.

“White roses because I believe there are also a symbol of peace, of professional collaboration. Basically, an opening to have a normal relation in a country in which people respect each other. Apart from this, obviously, I will make sure the policies started will be continued. And finally, the interest is for Romanians to live better. (…) It’s the investiture of a new Labour Minister. Who is also my minister. It’s absolutely natural to wish Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu good luck. I believe this is a strong ministry and one which she will have the possibility to move forward for Romania’s social and labour agenda. I brought her some flowers as sign of collaboration. I feel there has to be continuity for the projects that maybe were good in the previous mandate, and I think they were. (…) There is a chapter that concerns special problems. Usually nothing is written. This time, I have a whole shelf. The salary law was published on the Labour Ministry’s website, it’s in public consultation and the current Government will select the good things, add to it and come up with a salary law just as it promised,” Dragos Pislaru stated.


 Dragos Pislaru: I will get involved in civic projects


pag-4-pislaruFormer Labour Minister Dragos Pislaru stated on Thursday that he had a good talk with Labour Minister Olguta Vasilescu and he would like some of the things he started in his mandate to be continued. Pislaru pointed out that he will get involved in public area projects, does not rule out entering politics but now wants to spend time with his family.

“I had a very good talk with the minister. We’ve reviewed all the points concerning the ministry’s public policies. I was very thrilled to see that the minister listened carefully and we have already had a talk on certain topics. Obviously, I want the things I started to be continued and we will see in the following period if the current Government is taking this into account. I believe it was a morning that shows that professional cooperation can take place when people listen to each other and place Romania’s interest above all else,” Dragos Pislaru stated, News.ro informs.

Asked whether he talked about the ordinances that were being prepared, Pislaru said the talks centred on the agenda handed over, not on what is going to happen within the new Government, adding that the existence of continuity in certain projects is possible.

“We talked about the handing over of the agenda we left; obviously, the minister does not have to explain her agenda, so naturally we talked more about what has happened so far, not about what is going to happen. What I can tell you is that there could be continuity in certain policies and I would be happy for that to be the case,” the ex-minister pointed out.

Dragos Pislaru added that he wants to continue to get involved in civic projects and that he does not rule out his involvement in politics either, but that now he will spend time with his family.

“I reconfirm that I will continue to get involved in projects meant to change society. You’ve heard the Prime Minister say the same thing. I would be honoured to continue projects that would be joint [projects] with the Prime Minister on certain things concerning the civic area and I’m not ruling out my involvement in politics next, but I first need some rest, with my family,” Pislaru added.

The former Labour Minister left the ministry by bus.



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