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May 6, 2021

President Iohannis: An amnesty and pardon law would be catastrophic for Romanian democracy

President Klaus Iohannis on Friday said that an amnesty and pardon law would be catastrophic for the Romanian democracy, showing that he will oppose, should such a regulatory act end up on his desk.

“Such a demarche, an amnesty and pardon law that would whitewash not only some thieves who can be dangerous for people and maybe even for the society, but that would clean up the politicians’ records as well, would be catastrophic for the Romanian democracy, Mr. JusMin,” Iohannis said at the Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM) establishment meeting.

He announced he would oppose such a measure.

“In the event of such an initiative, I would oppose it with all the weight and power of the presidential office. I hope it will not be the case. I said these things publicly, in front of you, in order to reduce the probability of such a demarche,” the head of state said.


“No democracy can function without independent justice”


Justice independence is fundamental in a democracy, and nobody is above the law, President Klaus Iohannis said at the meeting this Friday for the establishment of the Supreme Council of Magistrates (CSM).

The head of the state invoked Article 133 paragraph 1 of the Constitution which says that CSM is the guarantor of justice independence.

“It is hard to find a more difficult task described in fewer words. This is your task, to guarantee justice independence. Why is this justice independence so important? Not only is it important, it is fundamental. No democracy, no rule of law can function without an independent justice. Independent justice means (…) that no one must interfere with the judges’ and prosecutors’ business, but also that (…) no one is above the law,” Iohannis said.

He went on by saying that “no one has ever imagined that a mere thief has the pretension to be above the law.”

“There are some who are truly under the impression that maybe they deserve to be above the law and I am referring to persons who usually have public offices. This is unconceivable,” the President said.

Klaus Iohannis brought to mind that the rule of law is a notion that has been intensely circulated in Romania lately, highlighting that it requires everyone’s involvement.

“A powerful democracy without rule of law, without independent justice doesn’t exist. (…) The judicial system cannot keep its independence on its own. The entire state apparatus, all the state institutions must not only be aware of the importance of this thing, but also get actively involved to support the judiciary system to remain independent. A vulnerable judicial system is what Romania’s enemies want, because if the judiciary system becomes vulnerable nothing stands in Romania any more. If the rule of law becomes lopsided, then democracy disappears within short,” he said.

President Iohannis pointed out that the domestic stability and security are possible only in a rule of law state with an independent justice.

“Let no one imagine, even if it seems to me that some really believe this, that in our geographical area a powerful national state can be built without an independent justice. I believe this is impossible and that Romania under no circumstance wants to experiment such thing,” the head of state showed.


The Head of State  to magistrates: Refuse political interference with act of justice


The Head of State  asked the magistrates to refuse the politicians’ interference with the act of justice.

“When you feel the pressure gets too high, be dignified, not obedient and with all required politeness and firmness refuse the political interference with the act of justice, only this way can we build a dignified, strong Romania,” Iohannis said on Friday at the meeting for establishing the Supreme Council of Magistrates.

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