Raetchi asks PNL to form a “Shadow Cabinet”: The anti-PSD speech is not enough anymore

PNL MP Ovidiu Raetchi  (photo) asks Liberals to form a “Shadow Cabinet” that will monitor the activity of Grindeanu Government, explaining that PNL must overcome the “rhetorical” level in which it criticizes Liviu Dragnea and PSD, because elections have shown that Romanian people voted them despite the integrity problems.

“The result of the parliamentary elections have shown that the speech about ‘the FSN restauration’ and “Baron Dragnea’ – although totally justified – is not enough by itself. People have offered their trust to PSD despite these risks, being willing to accept a program focused on the Good Governance concept, even if it came from criminally convicted persons having credibility problems” stated Liberal Ovidiu Raetchi in a press release on Sunday.

He asks PNL to use the coming period to form a Shadow Cabinet that will monitor the activity of the current Executive, starting right next month.

The MP states that the result of the elections have shown that PNL “cannot remain at the rhetorical level only”. “It is our duty to make a technical effort, too, by which we will deconstruct the economical utopias promised by Liviu Dragnea. A PNL Shadow Cabinet operating since February is absolutely necessary” Raetchi wrote.

He also made several proposals for this Shadow Cabinet: Ionut Stroe for Foreign Affairs, Florin Citu for Finances, Pavel Popescu for Health, Raluca Turcan or Radu Zlati for Education, Mugur Cozmanciuc for Energy, Iulian Dumitrescu for Economy, Ben-Oni Ardelean for European Affairs, Mara Calista for Sports, Florin Roman for Media, Adriana Saftoiu for Labor, Daniel Fenechiu or Catalin Predoiu for Justice.


PNL’s Turcan: Thorough analysis must be carried out in PNL


An in-depth analysis must be carried out in the National Liberal Party (PNL), maintained on Thursday Raluca Turcan, the Liberals’ leader, who also expressed her opinion that elections within the party should take place going from the bottom up.

“We established yesterday that by the end of January we will present to the National Political Bureau (BPN) a calendar for the organisation of a convention. The analysis must be a thorough one, and I do not believe that failure must be looked for in certain organisations, but it must be seen in its whole picture and the share of responsibility of the party’s national strategy and the organisations’ share of responsibility must be established,” Raluca Turcan specified at Parliament’s Palace.

According to her, a superficial discussion could have led to incorrect decisions in some organisations that worked really hard, “but where, due to the national message, lacking that consistency people have expected from PNL, couldn’t capitalize more.”

“Consequently, we will conduct an assessment of every organisation and each will have to submit to district bureaus their own analysis of the elections’ results, to see what could have been corrected at the district organisations’ level and what can be corrected at national level. That is why, at the moment, we are being in this interim formula of PNL leadership, where the elections’ results had the precedence,” added the interim leader of PNL.

Asked how she gets along with her colleagues at the lead of the party she replied “very well”.

“I fortunately get along very well and all the decisions were taken unanimously. If there are people who want to say differently or to imply differently, they’re free to do so. But we took all the decisions unanimously. Therefore, pay close attention to whoever spreads the information,” she added.

There haven’t been any discussions in PNL about a congress, Turcan further showed.

“We haven’t discussed it within the party, but my opinion is that we should indeed have bottom-up elections and the entire party have its say in the future convention. So, tI consider that it would be beneficial to PNL to conduct general elections. There may exist other options though, and we will decide through our majority,” mentioned the Liberals’ leader.




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