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November 28, 2021

Calin Popescu Tariceanu invites PNL members to join ALDE: Liberal movement from Romania can be consolidated only around ALDE. Voices from PNL comment Tariceanu’s letter and the reasons of the party’s failure

The leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) Calin Popescu Taricenu (photo) has launched a call on Friday to the Liberals who remained in PNL “hoping for better days”, to join him in the project of consolidating the Liberal movement from Romania, in the circumstances in which, according to him, PNL “doesn’t have any connection with liberalism anymore”, being about to be taken “completely by people from PDL”.

“Liberal movement from Romania can be consolidated only around ALDE. The Romanian electorate, the Liberal electorate validated us twice this year on the Romanian political scene, at the local elections and at the parliamentary elections. We’re on the right way, a way on which ALDE can grow and become a powerful political force of Romania. I am writing to you to ask you to join me in this political project for the future. Together we can make ALDE the most powerful party in Romania on center-right areas, and we’ll carry forward the values of the liberalism” states Tariceanu in the open letter addressed to the Liberals in PNL, released on Friday.

The ALDE Co-President claims that Liberal voters will permanently remove from PNL.

I know that all these years after 2014, you lived with the illusion that the National Liberal Party will return to liberalism and to the Liberal electorate. Now there are no illusions anymore, there are only certainties. PNL is about to be completely taken by the PDL people, which will only deepen the crisis and permanently remove the Liberal electorate” says Calin Popescu Tariceanu in the open letter.

He reminds that the day of January 6 has a special meaning for the Romanian Liberals and expresses his regret that the current leadership of PNL hasn’t marked this date.

“27 years ago, together with a group of fellows, I was registering the National Liberal Party at the Bucharest Court. In 1990, rebuilding the National Liberal Party also meant the rebirth of the liberalism in the Romanian politics, after a long period of tribulation in which the communist state trampled democracy and citizens’ rights and freedoms. I am sorry to see that politicians currently leading PNL unnoticed this date. Probably it’s because the current leadership doesn’t have anything to do with the values and ideals that animated us in 1990. The 90s weren’t an easy period for PNL. They were years in which we fought for Romania to join a Euro-Atlantic path, for making the behavior of the authorities change towards business environment, for making principles of market economy to be adopted and freedoms gained in 1989 to be kept. I have fellows and friends among you, with whom I have cooperated in those months and years, and I want to thank you” Tariceanu states.

ALDE Co-President also recalls that from 2004 to 2008, National Liberal Party “had the chance to lead Romania”, and after 2012 it returned to the government, but in 2014 liberalism was betrayed.

“As Prime-Minister and PNL President, I led a team of extraordinary people who worked day and night to economically develop Romania and to make it gain the status of a full member of the European Union. I want to thank you again for the work which those of you who were in PNL during those years have done. Together, in the 2004-2008 government, we showed to Romanian people what means for Romania to be led according to the Liberal principles and values. In 2012, we joined together on a path to fix the mistakes and the unfair decisions of the Basescu-Boc regime. Unfortunately, three years ago we lived an antithetical moment to the one in 1990. If 1990 was the year of the liberalism’s rebirth, 2014 was the year of its great betrayal by those who should have been its defenders and promoters in the Romanian society. Since 2014, when PNL left the group of the European Liberals, the party made a wrong step each day: farther of Liberal values, closer to what populism, demagogy, subordination to the force institutions and electoral failures mean” shows Calin Popescu Tariceanu in the quoted letter.

The ALDE leader appreciates that today, “only the name remained” from the old PNL, and that the party is “devoid of content”.

“PNL was taken by persons to whom understanding the Liberal spirit, the interest of the Romanian people, is an impossible thing. Today, PNL is a party devoid of content. Liberal Party to whose rebirth I brought my contribution, has disappeared. Today’s PNL doesn’t have any connection to liberalism, being forced to join European People’s Party” Tariceanu points out.

He underlines that starting from 2014, the voice of liberalism has been taken by ALDE, which is the only liberal party in Romania.

“It’s been three years since I have decided, together with a group of Liberal fellows, to assume to continue the liberal tradition in Romania once again. Today, ALDE is the only Liberal party in Romania, the one that carries further the liberalism promoted for years by PNL, but of which its leaders got rid. Our role, who founded ALDE, is extremely important, since we have the responsibility to carry Romanian liberalism further and to continue promoting liberal policies and solutions” Calin Popescu Tariceanu states in the open letter addressed to the PNL liberals.


Turcan: ALDE will dissolve in two years


The PNL Interim President Raluca Turcan stated on Friday that ALDE will dissolve into PSD and PNL in the next two years, stating that Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s letter indicates “a complete detachment from reality”.

“The letter indicates a complete detachment from reality. A few votes made ALDE to enter the Parliament and they were included into the legislative by PSD” stated the PNL Interim President Raluca Turcan for Mediafax.

Raluca Turcan stated that ALDE will dissolve in the next two years.


A PNL leader labeled the invitation addressed by Tariceanu to Liberals to join LADE as “insolent”


PNL Senator Mario Ovidiu Oprea says that the invitation made by ALDE President Calin Popescu Tariceanu to Liberals, to join his party, is “insolent”.

“Tariceanu feels lonely in the current government formula”, and the invitation made to liberals to join ALDE is “insolent”. The statements belong to the Liberal Senator Mario Ovidiu Oprea, who is a PNL member since 1990.

“Either Mr. Tariceanu has a staff shortage in ALDE, or he thinks that all liberals are like him and, according to his habits, they can betray and desert to those who give more. I believe that, although there are PNL members who often make separate opinion or colleagues who have moments of dissatisfaction, they are not characterized by the opportunism specific to Mr. Tariceanu. I would say that it’s an insolent invitation, meant to speculate the so-called tensions from within PNL. I believe that we cannot disappear as a political identity not even by numerical reduction. Mr. Tariceanu probably made the call because he feels lonely in the current government formula” stated on Saturday the senator of Dolj Mario Ovidiu Oprea, the leader of the PNL group in the Senate, for MEDIAFAX.


A former Liberal Vice-President: PNL is like a dead man lying on the table with cotton in its nose


Former PNL Vice-President Andreea Paul launched a call for creating a reform group of the party, criticizing the current interim leadership and comparing the party with “a dead man lying on the table with cotton in its nose and with cold hands on its chest”.

“Why this manifesto? Because PSD makes the stupid thing that arrogant people do when they win with a score like their score and they think that the entire world belongs to them, no matter what they do. PNL doesn’t react, it’s like a dead man lying on the table with cotton in its nose and with the cold hands on its chest. Why? Because the ‘young’ generation thinks that if somebody or a circumstance have put them ahead, they were also endowed with intelligence, experience, knowledge, etc., to cope. They don’t ask anybody about anything, because they are self-sufficient” says Andreea Paul, criticizing the current interim leadership, provided by Raluca Turcan, also for not having frequent internal consultations, “without arrogance”.

She also notes that “Ciolos is deemed to be guilty for the failure, instead of the collective cowardice through which we digested any decision”, underlining that PNL’s approach to bet on the former PM’s personality was a fair idea, considering that his credibility was far above the party’s credibility according to the polls, but this shouldn’t have had replace the strategy.

At the same time, Andreea Paul accuses the poor manner of managing the relationship with USR. “In terms of tactics, USR’s ‘threat’ was very poorly managed. It’s not post-factum wisdom. PNL had some limits given by the fact that both parties supported Dacian Ciolos, and this fact should have been doubled by a non-aggression pact between the two parties. PNL couldn’t obtain it by itself. That would have mean that USR doesn’t attack PNL anymore, but this didn’t happen”, she argues.

Former first Vice-President asks for elections in all the local branches and she request the start of the proceedings for the PNL congress bottom up, as well as reconfiguring the current National Political Bureau.

“Now the danger is that people with claims, mediocre people, will come and indicate solutions, and the result will be increasingly worse. A congress cannot be avoided, but I’m afraid of the very vocal people who know everything, but whose electoral performance is mediocre. Facts should be the extent of those who claim themselves to be reformers, and these people exist. They only have to coagulate themselves” concludes the Liberal.

Andreea Paul resigned as PNL First Vice-President in July, 2016, being unsatisfied that she hasn’t been supported for taking over the presidency of PNL Satu Mare. She wasn’t included on the party’s lists at the parliamentary elections.


PNL Senator: Guilty persons should be sought among PNL leaders, not in the Ciolos Government


Senator Alexandru Peres stated that guilty persons for the result of the elections should be sought “among PNL leaders”, not in the Ciolos Government, mentioning that a part of the Liberal leadership has resigned, and “a part should leave in the coming period” and not to pretend that they are “the wise persons”.

“Guilty persons should be sought among PNL leaders, not necessarily in the Ciolos Government’s leadership, also because we weren’t able to impose ourselves after the moment of November, 2015 to take the government for one year. Maybe it wasn’t the case, but now, after the war, many valiant people appear”, stated the former Vice-President of the Senate, Alexandru Peres, being asked by the MEDIAFAX correspondent if PNL score decreased because of Ciolos.

He reiterated later that Dacian Ciolos is not the one who’s guilty for the result of the elections, but Liberals shouldn’t have been bound by this Government’s decisions.

“Guilty persons should have been sought somewhere else, some of them are even among those who are talkative and talking today, of course, at the head of the Liberal National Party, those who have tied us actually, with a navel to what Ciolos Government’s decisions mean” Alexandru Peres also said.

He added that an analysis is required in the coming period, but in his view it is excluded that PNL will be led by Dacian Ciolos.

“Ciolos is a past moment for PNL. He couldn’t lead the party in the future, because he would cause again discussions and wasted time for justifications that the party doesn’t need (…) We, with our strategists and the former leadership, could achieve only this score. A part has resigned and a part should leave in the coming period and not to pretend that they are wise persons, no one, no others”, stated Peres, who is a parliamentarian since 20 years.

He said that he doesn’t regret that liberals decided to support Dacian Ciolos, even if it was “a sad experience”, and “sometimes it’s good to have a cold shower”.

Being asked about the letter launched by the Senate’s President through which he invites PNL members to join ALDE, Alexandru Peres stated that Liberals shouldn’t have anything to do with Tariceanu.

“Tariceanu should think and prepare his retirement, including in politics. People don’t retire from politics, but he’s at an age at which, let’s say so, other people also are, but they are more careful with words. However, Tariceanu is considered by PNL as a traitor, Alexandru Peres stated.

PNL has obtained four Deputy seats and one Senator seat in Alba.


PNL Hunedoara President: Dacian Ciolos was a conjectural option for PNL, which wasn’t bad at all, in substance


PNL Hunedoara President Florin Roman stated on Saturday for MEDIAFAX, that the opinions about Dacian Ciolos are divided inside the party, while a Senator defines Ciolos “a conjectural option which wasn’t bad at all”.

Hunedoara liberals have different opinions about Dacian Ciolos, the party leader Florin Roman considering that some of the members appreciate him a plus for the party, while others have the same opinion with Ioan Oltean, who appreciated that the association with the former PM affected the score of the party in the parliamentary elections.

“Mr. Ciolos had a notoriety and a trust above the party’s average. The premises were correct, but the mechanism didn’t work”, stated Florin Roman for MEDIAFAX.

His party colleague Carmen Harau shares the same opinion with Roman.

“Looking for the PNL failure’s reasons outside the party is a big mistake. Dacian Ciolos was a conjectural option for PNL, which wasn’t bad at all in substance, given his recognized qualities regarding honesty, professionalism and integrity. The time of the mutual assimilation between Dacian Ciolos and PNL was too short, and the machinery of diversion, intoxication and manipulation of the political opponents has worked flawlessly. Ciolos’s discrediting overlapped with PNL’s discrediting; and unfortunately the right-wing voters didn’t take into account the very short time that Dacian Ciolos had to manage the country, in which he couldn’t reasonably make miracles” stated Carmen Harau.

The quoted source has a complete explanation for the party’s result at the parliamentary elections.

“I believe that PNL has built by itself, in part, through its leaders, its misfortune to make political pirouettes dizzying, oscillating between left and right over the last four years. The leaving of a leader like Crin Antonescu had already created fierce confrontations and positioning for power inside PNL. The merge between PNL and PDL only added other fierce internal battles to the internal battles generated by Antonescu’s leaving. PNL participated in the parliamentary elections like a puzzle ridden by internal conflicts with a vaguely outlined ideology and with a similar strategy. In such a circumstance, it was basically impossible to find a providential leader able to solve the problem in the sense of homogenization of the very contradictory interests and that could generate a unitary strategy to satisfy the right-wing voters” also stated the Senator of Hunedoara.

At the same time, Roman excludes the hypothesis that Dacian Ciolos is Soros’s man.

PNL Hunedoara has obtained one Deputy seat and one Senator seat at the parliamentary elections.




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