Weather Administration: Code Orange for extreme cold weather in Bucharest

Bucharest will enter on Monday under a Code Orange warning for extreme cold weather, the forecast for the night between Monday and Tuesday being of minus 20 to minus 18 centigrade, Gabriela Bancila, representative of the National Weather Administration (ANM), announced.

“ANM will issue an update of the previous warning – Code Yellow for extreme cold weather this morning, and this implies the area of Bucharest entering a Code Orange warning for extreme cold weather from today. This Code Orange warning will be issued at 10:00. It implies for the Capital a temperature, today, of around minus 11 degrees, while tonight the maximum intensity of the negative temperatures of this cold streak will be felt and I’m referring here to a thermal minimum of around minus 20 to minus 18 centigrade. (…) Tomorrow, the Code Orange warning for persistent extreme cold weather in the Capital will remain in force,” the ANM representative stated on Monday at the meeting to discuss winter measures convoked by the Bucharest Mayor.


IntMin Carmen Dan: We brought 99 people from Bulgaria, 20 children among them


Minister of Interior Carmen Dan, announced on Sunday night that Romanian authorities managed to bring back to Romania 99 people stuck in Bulgaria due to abundant snowfalls.

“A number of 99 people – 20 children and 37 cars. We brought them back in three stages. The first 13 cars carrying 38 people entered Vama Veche at 17:03 hrs. The second caravan of 17 cars and 55 people, accompanied by the police and taken over by Romanian police officers entered Vama Veche at 17:15 hrs. A third caravan – 7 cars, 26 people – entered Vama Veche at 18:25 hrs,” declared Dan.

The minister specified that part of these people remained in Constanta County, some being residents there, and some others left for Bucharest, accompanied by police crews.

“We have initially received the information that there were Romanian citizens in Dobrici and together with Bulgarian authorities we managed to gather them from there and to bring them towards Balchik on their way to Vama Veche, but during these demarches we have identified other citizens at 600 meters from the customs (…) and we picked them up too,” the dignitary said.


Road traffic on A2, A4 and DN3 Ostrov-Basarabi remains closed; other road sectors reopened


Road traffic was reopened on DN 15D, between Piatra Neamt – Roman localities, DN 22D, Horia – Ciucurova localities and DN 3C, Constanta – Ovidiu localities, while A2 Lehliu – Constanta, A4 Ovidiu – Constanta and DN 3 Ostrov – Basarabi remain closed due to unfavourable weather conditions, informs on Monday, the National Company for the Administration of Road Infrastructure (CNAIR).

At the same time, the restriction for vehicles with the overall authorized mass of over 7.5 tonnes, set up on the following road sectors DN 54, Vladila – Corabia and DN 28A, Targul Frumos – Motca was lifted but it was maintained on DN 22C, Cernavoda – Basarabi and DN 3, Basarabi – Constanta.

According to CNAIR, in the last hours, a number of 1,185 vehicles operated on the national road and motorway network, and a number of 7,232 tonnes of non skid materials and 32.95 tonnes of chloride of calcium were dispersed.

At regional level, actions were taken as follows: Bucharest: 291 vehicles, 1,925 non skid materials and 6 tonnes of calcium chloride were dispersed, Craiova – 138 vehicles, 884 tonnes of non skid materials and 6.35 tonnes of calcium chloride, Timisoara – 132 vehicles, 783 tonnes of non skid materials and 13.8 tonnes of calcium chloride, Cluj – 84 vehicles, 390.5 tonnes of non skid materials and 2.7 tonnes of calcium chloride, Brasov – 206 vehicles, 1,633 tonnes of non skid materials and 4.1 tonnes of calcium chloride, Iasi – 218 vehicles, 1284,1 tonnes of nonskid materials, Constanta – 116 vehicles and 333 tonnes of non skid materials were dispersed.

Further info regarding the condition of the national road network can be obtained from the Dispatch of CNAIR, at 021/264.33.33; 021/9360 or on the company’s website or on its Facebook and Twitter pages.


CFR cancels 40 trains; some trains to register delays upon arrival


A number of 40 trains were canceled, on Monday morning, out of the overall number of 1,300 trains of the passenger arm of the Romanian railway operator SNCFR, CFR Calatori, that travel daily in Romania, but the connection between Bucharest and Constanta and back is ensured, informs the company, on their Facebook page.

“Railway traffic is open at present on all the main lines, the trains’ travel being adapted to inclement weather conditions. Out of the 1,300 trains of CFR Calatori that travel daily in Romania, the decision was taken (7:00 hrs) to cancel 40 trains in order to facilitate the access of snow clearing equipment and intervention teams and to avoid unpleasant situations for passengers. The priorities of the operational measures that are being taken are people’s safety and achieving connection between big cities, through the main lines. Just as the previous days, we will organise today as well where needed, so that passengers receive hot tea, coffee, sandwiches, depending on the possibilities in the field,” state the representatives of the CFR Passengers’ Arm.

According to the cited source, the trains’ travel is adapted to unfavourable weather conditions with extremely low temperatures in the area of four regional branches of the CFR: Bucharest, Craiova, Galati and Constanta.

“Some rides can register delays at destination points, determined by the necessity to attach Diesel engines on certain station intervals from the southern half of the country, to reduce speed or to intervene with snow ploughs. Interventions with vehicles and railway equipment is carried out constantly. We will make regular updates, depending on weather condition evolutions and the situation in the field,” specified CFR Calatori.


Infotrafic: A2 Motorway Bucharest-Constanta – reopened today


A2 Motorway was completely reopened, after road traffic on sector Lehliu Railway Station -Constanta was resumed on Monday morning, informs the Infotrafic Center of the Romanian Police General Inspectorate (IGPR).

According to the cited source, traffic occurs in winter conditions and in order to avoid accidents, road traffic will carry on under supervision of traffic police crews.

Police officers recommend traffic participants that before leaving, they should find information about the state of the chosen direction as well as the road weather forecast for the transited area.


Alis Grasu: 3,200 calls to Ambulance Service in last four days; 88 fractures, dislocations and sprains


The manager of the Bucharest-Ilfov Ambulance Service, Alis Grasu, announced, on Monday, that in the last four days, a number of 3,246 Bucharesters called upon emergency crews.

A number of 23 women were transported to hospitals to give birth and a number of 88 people requested ambulances due to fractures, dislocations and sprains.

“A number of 1,771 people had Code Red and Code Yellow emergencies. A number of 209 people were transported to [homeless] shelters belonging to the General City Hall and the District Mayoralties,” Grasu mentioned during the winter measures committee meeting called at the City Hall.

Alis Grasu specified that, during this period, the Ambulance Service used on average 53 emergency crews, 20 consultation teams and transportation vehicles.

The General Mayor, Gabriela Firea, informed that Sunday night to Monday, a number of 450 homeless people were sheltered in the social centres of the municipality.


MAI: No more persons trapped on roads; A2 and A4 highways open


The A2 and A4 highways have been open and no national road is any more subject to road closures and the last seven persons that were trapped by the blizzard have been checked into a hotel in the Constanta County locality of Medgidia.

“At this moment there are no persons trapped on roadways. At a national level, CNAIR [National Company for Road Infrastructure Administration] took action with 1,185 vehicles that used 7,209 tons of non-skid material and 37,05 calcium chloride. All the airports are open and there are no flights cancelled or delayed. Furthermore, 13 trains register significant delays, and 21 trains were cancelled,” a release by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) remitted on Monday to AGERPRES informs.

The maritime ports are open, as well as the river ports, with the exception of the port of Drobeta Turnu-Severin, closed due to strong winds. Passenger traffic between Tulcea – Sulina/Sfantu Gheorghe, as well as the ferry in Braila have resumed but are carrying on with difficulty due to ice sheets on the water.

At the border crossing points there are no restrictions, with the exception of Border Crossing Points Zimnicea, Bechet, Ostrov and Turnu Magurele on the border with Bulgaria, where the ferries don’t cross.

“At a national level there are 26 intervention teams working to remedy issues with the electrical energy network that is affecting eight localities in five counties”, the release also shows.

According to the quoted source, over the last 24 hours, over 14,436 MAI employees were in the field – 7,303 policemen, 4,567 firemen and 2,566 gendarmes, with 6,651 vehicles – 3,302 police, 2,320 firemen, 1,029 gendarmes.

There were 7,839 medical interventions: ambulance services – 6,990 and the Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD) – 849, of which 210 for pregnant women and 41 persons undergoing dialysis.

Thirteen helicopters with the General Inspectorate for Aviation and one SMURD airplane were also available to rescuers and will continue sorties in the days to come, depending on weather conditi

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