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August 18, 2022

EnergyMin: Romania had historic gas consumption on Monday; similar levels expected on Tuesday

Romania consumed on Monday and on the night of Monday to Tuesday a record-volume of natural gas, namely 72.4 million cubic metres, and similar levels are expected on Tuesday, Energy Minister Toma Petcu said on Tuesday, at the end of the winter command on energy meeting.

“We are preparing for tonight to ensure the same functionality, the same production capacity, the same import, the same reserve to be made available from the gas reserve. We are estimating the same peak tonight, 71-72 million cubic metres. We are prepared to cover these peaks,” the Minister maintained.

In the electricity area, the Monday consumption stood at 9,700 MW, a level exceeded in December 2016.

“We are maintaining the functioning of the three power plants, Elcen Bucharest, Brazi and Galati, on crude oil. We have the necessary crude oil volumes for functioning,” the Minister said.

Petcu added that on Wednesday, at 13:00, there will be a new meeting of the command.

“There is an additional forecast issued today by the National Weather Administration (ANM), in the sense that starting at 22:00, there will be strong blizzard in the Dobrogea area, unfortunately, the most affected. We have contacted Enel Dobrogea and Electrica Muntenia, whom we told to be prepared. We have the special equipment, the Army’s caterpillar ambulances to intervene with if necessary,” he showed.

The Energy Minister added that he asked the gas suppliers to be prepared in case additional interventions are needed.

“We have groups started at Turceni and Rovinari, and at Hunedoara power plant in addition,” the Minister underscored.


“Wind turbines might produce 2,000 MW and contribute to cover peak consumption”


Wind turbines could provide a production of 2,000 MW this evening and will contribute to the coverage of energy consumption, which is on record-levels, Energy Minister Toma Petcu stated on Tuesday, at the end of the winter command on energy meeting.

Therefore, the wind energy could cover almost 20 percent of consumption, taking into account that on a national level, in these freezing cold days, almost 9,700 MW are used in this peak period.

“We are starting to also have a large production in the area of wind energy. If yesterday the production stood at 400 MW, currently we are standing at 1,500 MW and growing. We estimate that at the time of the peak consumption, namely 19:00 hrs – 20:00 hrs, production by wind turbines will stand at 2,000 MW,” the Minister stated.

He added that the forecasted wind speeds for the Dobrogea region are optimal for the functioning of the wind turbines.


Transelectrica , highest electricity consumption in past 17 years


The National Energy Centre estimated for the night 9 to 10 January  a national consumption of around 9,750 MW electrical energy, a level that hasn’t been reached since the years 2000, said on Monday for AGERPRES, Octavian Lohan, member in the Transelectrica Board and former head of the Centre.

“Until now, the highest consumption was recorded on December 16, 2016, when, at 17:28 hrs, the national consumption stood at 9,721 MW, the highest since 2000. On the same date, the national output was of 11,227 MW,” specified Lohan.

According to him, for tonight, experts estimate an even higher consumption. “For tonight, a consumption of 9,750 MW is expected at a nationwide level,” said the Transelectrica representative.

The electricity national consumption was 10 percent higher this morning than the same day last year, reaching 9,247 MW at 11:00 hrs, according to Transelectrica data.

Thus, at that hour, the total consumption of 9,257 MW was ensured 31.17 percent from hydro sources, 30.08 percent from coal, 22.16 percent hydrocarbon, 13.47 percent nuclear, 2 percent wind, 0.62 pct photovoltaic power, and 0.50 biomass.

National output was of 10,179 MW, the difference of 932 MW representing exports.

Last year, on January 9, at the same hour, the country’s consumption was of 8.372 MW and output of 9,271 MW.


Codes Orange, Yellow for snowfall and blizzard in 15 counties and Bucharest starting Tuesday night


The National Weather Administration (ANM) has issued, on Tuesday, new Code Orange and Code Yellow weather warnings for snowfall and blizzard for 15 counties and the City of Bucharest starting tonight and in force until Wednesday night.

According to meteorologists, in the interval between January 10, 22:00 hrs – January 11, 08:00 hrs a Code Orange for blizzard and glazed frost will be in force in the counties of Constanta and Tulcea. In the mentioned period, the wind will blow with gusts reaching 70 – 80 km/h and blizzard conditions, but also wintry showers are forecast.

Furthermore, in the period between January 10, 23:00 hrs – January 11, 15:00, another six counties in the Moldova and Wallachia regions will be under Code Orange for blizzard and glazed frost. As such, on the night between Tuesday and Wednesday and the first part of Wednesday, the counties of Calarasi, Ialomita, Galati, Buzau and Vrancea, blizzards are expected, with winds reaching 70 – 80 km/h in gusts, blowing away snow and reducing visibility under 50 meters.

On the other hand, in the interval between January 10, 21:00 hrs – January 11, 21:00, a Code Yellow will be in force for extreme weather conditions. In the mentioned interval, snowfall will engulf the Eastern part of the country, starting from the south-east extremity. In most parts of Wallachia and Moldova, as well as in the Southeastern Carpathians and, temporarily, in Dobrogea, there will be moderate snowfall, with the wind picking up to 50-60 km/h, creating blizzard-like conditions.

The counties under Code Yellow are Iasi, Bacau, Vaslui, Vrancea, Buzau, Prahova, Dambovita, Giurgiu, Teleorman and Bucharest.

Furthermore, all throughout Tuesday the Code Orange for persistent extreme cold weather is maintained for 37 counties and Bucharest, as well as the Code Yellow issued for five counties in Crisana and Banat. In the mentioned period, the temperatures are expected to drop in most parts of the country to values ranging from minus 29 degrees centigrade to minus 15.

The National Weather Administration will update the warnings issued depending on developments.




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