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April 16, 2021

INS: Unemployment rate down in November to 5.7 percent

The unemployment rate recorded in Romania, in November, stood at 5.7 percent, a drop compared to the same period of the previous year, most unemployed being men, show the data of the National Institute for Statistics (INS), published on Monday.

According to the quoted source, the number of unemployed persons (aged 15-74 years of age), estimated in November of 2016, was of 521,000 persons, a decrease as compared to the previous month (522,000 persons), as well as compared to the same month of the previous year (607,000 persons).

On genders, the rate of unemployment for men surpassed, by 1.8 percentage points that of women (the nominal values being 6.5 percent for men and 4.7 for women).

Furthermore, in the case of adult persons (25-74 years of age), the unemployment rate was estimated to be 4.7 percent for the month of November 2016, namely 5.5 percent for men and 3.6 percent for women.

The number of people unemployed in the 25-74 years age group represented 75.6 percent of the total number of unemployed persons in the month of November 2016.

At the level of November, the unemployment rate adjusted by seasonality was of 5.7 percent, a 0.1 percentage point drop as compared to the previous month (5.8 percent).


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